Jigoku Shoujo: the Saved and the Damned

This is a Jigoku Shoujo fanfiction I wrote, consisting of two Jigoku Shoujo episode-style stories ("Insult to Injury" and "Mother and Father"), with a third scenario forming the Prologue and Epilogue. Jigoku Shoujo is an anime series, in case you want to look it up.


1. Prologue


 “Why…why? Why can’t I access it?” Rachel whispered desperately to herself, clicking the refresh button over and over again. It was midnight, and the address of the webpage was www.jigokutsuushin.net.
 Is my hatred not strong enough? she wondered. Night after night, she had tried to access Jigoku Tsuushin, but every time, the “webpage not found” message had come up on her screen. Her situation wasn’t getting any better either—only worse. Jigoku Shoujo, please…please save me! she screamed in her mind, Why won’t you come?

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