Zadok: The Priest

The first book in what will hopefully be a saga, Zadok: The Priest chronicles the rise of a new breed of superhero. In the near future, a squalid London beset by crime and corruption sees the birth of Zadok, a human and archangel combined to form a hero destined to free the city from the clutches of those who fell from Paradise.


1. Prologue

-April 24, 2034. London, Great Britain-


It was cold. Bitterly, unseasonably cold. Being in Special Branch, though it did occasionally have its “perks”, was a thankless task, he thought, and this extreme weather of late didn’t exactly help matters. Shivering, he lowered his sub-machine gun, rubbed his gloved hands together and pressed them to his masked face. Peering around the corner, he watched his fellow officers trudge morosely, but methodically, through the snow, as they patrolled the street. This is ridiculous! What sort of “terrorist” has wings, anyway? “This whole thing is a wild goose chase…” he muttered to himself. Secluded as he was in a small alleyway, he could afford to relax a little. Pulling a small box of electronic cigarettes from his pocket, he prepared to savour his daily dose, when all at once a massive shadow eclipsed the entire alleyway, throwing his vision into near-darkness. Disoriented, he turned and squinted up at the roof, his eyes adjusting to the hazy twilight glare of the blanketed sun as he spotted the source of the shadow, just as it pounced down and swept him into oblivion.

Forgive us our trespasses… ”

Soon noticing that the slacker of the team had been missing for too long, another of the black-clad, armoured officers sighed, shook his head, and strode impatiently into the alcove. Upon seeing the body of his unconscious colleague, sprawled out across the snow like a ragdoll, he immediately, with urgent deliberation, pressed a button on the side of his armour, activating a com system.

“…as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

Back in the street, the remaining two officers halted at the corner of the frigid street as the inbuilt com system chirped. The strangled beginnings of a scream cut through the air and the com system simultaneously, before static pierced the ears of the guards and no more was heard. Perhaps at last realising the danger, they turned to investigate, before a shape leapt into the midst, sending a cloud of snow billowing into the frozen air.

“…and lead us not into temptation…”

A pair of massive, arcing wings, like those of an enormous bird, unfurled before them, and burning bright white eyes singed their souls. The last thing the unfortunate officers saw was a medieval-style red crucifix on the chest of their assailant, before a surge of ethereal lightning burst forth from it and engulfed them.

“…but deliver us from evil.”

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