Fallen Roses

They thought they escaped it all but little did they know that they weren't finished with pain yet...


2. We're Not Alone

We'd been walking for about an hour when a branch snapped. Harry whipped his head around and looked in the direction it came from.

" Get behind me." He said in a hushed voice. I did as I was told and stood behind him. A dark shadow lurked through the trees. Harry picked me up in his arms and walked at a fast pace. He zipped through the trees trying desperately to get away from the shadow that followed. Up ahead was a small cave which , of course, Harry entered. He put me down and went to the opening to see if the shadow was approaching. When he found the coast was clear, he came in and took off his backpack that I didn't notice he had on. He then took out a lighter and walked out of the cave. I took off my backpack and breathed a sigh in relief. At that moment, Harry walked back in with sticks and built a small fire. Then he broke the silence.

" I made sure that...thing wasn't around. I don't know what or who that was but it sure as hell better stay away from us."

" Why are you helping me? Why are you staying with me?"

He locked his jaw and took a deep breath. Then after a few minutes of silence he looked at me.

" Now that we escaped, you're all I've got and quite frankly you're the only person I care about. The people in my past hate me and or want me dead. I know you didn't see me until we were out of the gate but you saved me. If I stayed in there, I would've been killed. I'm wanted for crimes I didn't even do." He looked at the fire. I could see his features now that there was light. He had brown, curly hair, bright green eyes, and the most deeply red lips I'd ever seen. He looked back at me and smiled.

" Thank you, Ella. "

I smiled back and sighed.

" It was my pleasure."

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