Fallen Roses

They thought they escaped it all but little did they know that they weren't finished with pain yet...


1. The escape

As I walk out in to the moonlight, the crisp night air hits me with a strong force. No one is supposed to be out at this time but I need to escape pass the gates to The Outside. I move throughout the shadows to try and keep a low profile. Guards roam the streets looking for people, like me, who are trying to go beyond the gates. I finally make it to the gate and I'm about to get out when a guard stops me.

" Freeze and turn around slowly." He says.

I turn around , kick him in his family jewels and run out of the gate. I hear him yelling for back-up and I run. Suddenly, something grabs my arm behind a tree and puts a hand over my mouth.

" Thanks for the distraction back there. You helped me get out too. Keep quiet and stay with me." A deep voice said. I nodded and he pulled me into a dark, low place where the guards wouldn't see us. We watch as the guards run out and look around.

" I don't see her! Let's get back in and tell the boss!" One says to the others. The rest nod and they go back in. I look at the person who I helped and who helped me. It was too dark to see who it was but I knew it was a male. Then, he looks at me with a huge grin.

" We did it! We're out!"

I nod and smile back at him. He stands up , me doing the same, and starts laughing. I tilt my head, confused by this action.

" I can't believe we got out and they didn't even have the balls to come look for us!"

At that comment, I laugh along with him. As our laughter dies down, he looks at me with a stern expression.

" What's your name,Love?" His accent rung through the wind ,making me shutter.

" Ella Masterson. What's yours?"

" Harry. Harry Styles."


Hi this is my first book! Sorry if it sucks but I'm trying to do the competition for best fanfiction author...I'm pretty sure in not going to win but I can at least try! Please give me feedback and ideas that I can use and I'll mention you in the story or my notes and give you FULL credit!!! I hope you enjoy!!

Yours truly,


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