Fallen Roses

They thought they escaped it all but little did they know that they weren't finished with pain yet...


3. Day 1

When I wake up, I open my eyes and take in my surroundings. The fire is out and Harry is nowhere to be seen. I look around the cave to see where he went. Outside the cave, it is raining and there is thunder and lightning which gets me worried. I get up and start to head toward the entrance.

" I wouldn't go out there, Doll. It's pretty bad out there! I don't know WHY on earth that pretty-boy of yours is out there. He must be crazy!"

A figure calls out as he steps out of the shadows of the cave. The figure is non other than the shadow that followed us yesterday. I take a step back and begin to open my mouth to yell when he walks up to me and puts a finger to my lips.

" Wouldn't want curly to come back to a lifeless you now, would we?"

I shake my head.

" Good girl!" He says with an evil smirk.

" Who are you?" I question in a shaky voice that doesn't seem to be my own.

" Oh, no need for the formalities, Doll. Just know that I'm always there..."

I shivered at the thought and mustered up enough guts to scream.


That's when ' The Shadow' hit me in the head and I blacked out.

~ Harry's POV ~

I was walking in the woods when the sky decided to rain buckets. Oh what luck!

I better get back before Ella wakes up so I can cook these fish I caught. I turned around and walked back the way I came and let my mind open up. Ella is sweet and honestly she really did save my life. I'm wanted where we're from. I was running away and she happened to be there and distracted the guards so I could get out too. I'll never be able to repay her. As I was in la-la land and in my head, I heard a scream.

" HARRY?!"

That was Ella! I ran full speed back to the cave and when I got there, I was out of breath.

I looked around and saw a body laying on the ground. I knelt down beside her and rolled her over. She was unconscious and had a cut on her forehead. I shook her and tried to wake her up.

" Ella? Ella wake up! Ella can you hear me?"

I panicked and sat back. If I hadn't left, she would've been fine. I looked at her and she started to open her eyes.

" Ella!"

I hugged her, it took a while but she soon hugged back. I pulled away and gave her a stern look.

" What the hell happened?!"

She looked down and after a few seconds looked up.

" The Shadow guy came and he seemed to be waiting until I woke up to come out of the shadows. He warned me not to yell but I just had to and then he hit me."

I was angry and I felt bad so I hugged her again.

" So much for Day 1 after escaping."

I frowned but nodded. Yeah, so much for Day 1...


Hi, I hope you like this chapter! Hope it doesn't suck but yea...


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