Empty Tears*Niall Horan

Fearne was the girl who had it all, looks, money and pretty much became famous by 5 boys turning her world upside down.
Things are going great until the unexpected happens. She dissapears.
She has left clues for each of the boys to find with the help of the girls aswell, but can they find her before time runs out?


7. Sweet and Sour

Fearnes P.O.V

I woke up to the blinding light not knowing where I was. I reached out beside me, Niall wasn't there but there was a note and roses.
On the note it said;

'Morning beautiful, I'm away out for 1 hour, cheer up, get ready and put a smile on your face. I can't tell you where I am but be ready when I come back, I don't care what you look like, wear your pyjamas if ye want;) Remember I love you so don't do anything silly, see ye soon baby xx'

I can't stop smiling at this point so I go and wash my face, put on some make up and get changed into this and straighten my hair.

I walked over to Liam and Zayn's room but no one was there so i knocked on Louis and Harry's door, no answer. So i ran down to see if they were at breakfast. It was empty, jesus christ where were these boys?!
I decided to call Lou.
"Hey Lou, I was wondering if you knew where all the boys are?"
"Um. No sorry."
"Okay thanks anyway babe."
"Your welcome hunni, call me anytime you need me."
I ended the call.

Niall's P.O.V

We were all at 'Istalian Medalian getting Fearne and I promise rings, the woman pulled out a box with two rings, they were perfect so i paid for both of the rings and went to Starbucks to get Fearne a frappe and we all headed back to the hotel.
I got Harry to run in and blindfold her and he took her up to the roof. I had my guitar all ready and gave Harry the thumbs up. He undid the blindfold and I started singing 'the other side' by Jason Derulo, she just stood smiling at me. Once the song had finished I walked over and slipped the ring on her finger, it fitted perfectly.
She looked at me, her eyes wide.
"Fearne will you be the princess that i've been looking for?" She smiled and kissed me.
"Yes," she whispered and hugged me.
"You're perfect."
She blushed,"You're mine,"
"I don't like sharing."


Harry's P.O.V

It has been almost a week since Niall and Fearne have been dating and they're so cute together but sometimes I do get a bit jealous because i still have really strong feelings for her but i need to get over it, she has Niall and he's my best mate.
"Yes Harry?"
"Can i speak to you for a minute?" I said awkwardly scratching the back of my neck.
"Sure." she smiled and got off Niall's laps.
"What is it?"
I bit my lip unsure of what to say,"I-i have feelings for you that are really strong, i know this isn't the right time to burden this on you but i just came to ask for some advice?"
She nodded taking everything in,"Harry, really it's okay. I hate to break it to you but I think Niall and I are quite serious and will be together for a while, I just suggest that you move on and find another girl who is perfect for you because i'm certainly not the one. I'm so sorry."
I smiled sadly,"Thankyou for being so understanding."
"Talk to me anytime Harry." With that she walked away.


I phoned Molly,"Hey babe, i'm in Malan right now but whenever we get back to England I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date somewhere?"
"Oh my God totally, have you gotten over that whore yet?" she asked with hatred in her voice.
"Molly don't say that! Of course I haven't it will take me more than 15 minutes you know."
"Whenever you get back here baby i'll help you forget it all," she purred.
"I love you baby."
"I love you hot stuff." She ended the call.
I smirked, England should be fun..

Liam's P.O.V

We were all in the jeep with our Nandos (Fearne and Nialls idea obviously) Louis as usual was driving too fast,"Louis slow down." I said. Harry was on his phone texting Molly when i heard Fearne scream, "LOUIS STOP!"
He put on the brakes and he nearly knocked down this girl. She suddenly ran round  to my side of the car, jumped in on my knee and shouted,"DRIVE!"
"Ow." I mumbled unsure of what the heck was happening.
"Oh my God i'm so sorry!" Her face went red, she was cute.
"Sit there love." Zayn said patting the seat in between us.
"Um, who are you?" Fearne asked awkwardly.
"I'm Paisley, sorry i jumped in like that, I was running away from my foster dad."

Oooh it's starting to heat up a bit now, so what do you think of Molly?
Whos Paisley? Leave your comments below!
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