Empty Tears*Niall Horan

Fearne was the girl who had it all, looks, money and pretty much became famous by 5 boys turning her world upside down.
Things are going great until the unexpected happens. She dissapears.
She has left clues for each of the boys to find with the help of the girls aswell, but can they find her before time runs out?


2. New Start

Fearnes P.O.V

Simon had me brought to his studio, probably to meet another celebrity.
Iclimbed into my BMW, started the engine and headed off.
My phone started ringing, Simon. I set it in the holder and put him on speaker. "Hello?" I answered.
"Hey Fearne, I need you down here in 10, is that possible?"
"I'll be there in 5, what's the matter?"
"I'll tell you when you get there it's pretty urgent, so hurry. He ended the call.
I spent the rest of the car journey wondering what was so important. I soon pulled up outside the building and noticed three jeeps with tinted windows. I locked my car and headed inside.
Hmm, this should be interesting...

______________________________________________________________________________________ I met up with Simon at his office door, "Hey uncle Si, what's up?"
He just replied with a "Come in."
What did I do?

He brought me into his office and I saw five boys sitting around the room, One Direction!
"Sit down for a minute Fearne." Uncle Si said.
I noticed Niall staring at me and when I look he looked down and blushed.
"Boys this is my neice Fearne, Fearne you've probably heard of the boys."
I hugged all of the boys but Harry and Niall lingered the most.

"So Fearne as your mum is going to Canada I have made the decision for you to come on tour with us and get to know the boys over the summer, are you up to it?"
"Yes, that's amazing, thankyou!"
I noticed all the boys smiling and Louis tackled me to the ground screaming, "We have a new best friend!!"
"Louis get off her please."
The boys soon started a pile on and Simon left us to it.
I pushed them all off me and asked when the tour was.
"In two days," Liam responded.
"We should go get her clothes!" Zayn announced.
We all got into our cars outside and Harry asked if he could come with me in my car so I ran on out with the keys and caught all the boys staring as Harry and I got in the car, I opened the roof because it was so warm.
"So do you like any of the boys?" Harry asked.
"Um, well youse are all gorgeous," I blushed and Harry just flicked his hair dramatically and started laughing. 
"You're not too bad yourself babe,"
I hit his arm "You charmer!"
"I speak only the truth," he winked.
I laughed,"Flirty alert!"
"So give me a description of all the boys." I said.
"Well Liam is like the daddy, so caring but don't get me wrong, he like to mess about. Zayn is very protective and wears his heart on his sleeve but denies it. Niall is so caring and just loves food. Louis is the dramatic, fun person and doesn't care what others think, and I am the totally gorgeous laid back one." He said with a cheesy smile.
"Full of yourself much?!"
"Honestly you haven't even met Zayn."
______________________________________________________________________________________ "Quick! Hide in that changing room!" I whisper shouted over to Harry.
We were intending to scare Louis.
Soon we heard loud voices "Where are they?" I guessed that was Liam.
I soon heard Louis skipping past. I tapped Harry, "LOUIS!!" we jumped out and he screamed all over the shop.
The boys came running up
"What's the matter?" Liam said worriedly.
"He drank too much energy juice," Zayn proclaimed.
We laughed remembering that video.
"Let's go shopping!!" Harry shouted.
__________________________________________________________________ I got home and got out my suitcase and started packing. Makeup Straighteners Curlers Nail Polish Bathroom Essentials Clothes Underwear Jewelry Shoes

After two and a half hours I was packed and fell into bed.

I wake up to a text from Louis, "Hey, get up lazyhead!"
I replied, "Thanks for waking me."
"No bother, I'll be there in 10, don't ask questions, just be ready."
"WHAT?! I can't get ready in 10 minutes!"
"We don't care what you look like, throw on anything, we have breakfast sorted."
"Okok see ya."
"See you soon"
I put my phone down and ran to the bathroom, washed my face, put my hair in a braid and put on this.
I was all set to do when I heard a car pull up, I grabbed my keys and phone and headed out.

"Well, well sleeping beauty herself."
"I enjoy my sleep thankyou very much."
"I noticed." He laughed.
"So where are we going?"
"We need to collect breakfast from McDonalds then head back to my house."
"Are all the boys there?"

___________________________________________________________________ Niall's P.O.V

I ran into the hall as soon as the door opened and grabbed the bags of food but stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I heard a girl laughing. It was Fearne.  I nearly dropped my bag of food and felt my cheeks going hot. She smiled.
"Sorry, I just love my food." I said shyly looking at the ground.
"So i've heard." She laughed
Her voice was so cute!
I went to sit down in the livingroom with all of the boys and I couldn't stop looking at her, her dimples when she smiled, her laugh was so beautiful and her eyes were so amazing. She was perfect. All I wanted was for her to be mine.
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