Suicide - 5S0S/1D Fan-Fic

"Please tell the boys how much I will miss them. Hug them every day for me. I can't stand the thought of being parted from them, but I have to do this. I'm sorry xxx"


4. The New Care Home Kid

Madison's POV


The ride to the care home was a short ride from the hospital but very quiet. I was strapped in, looking out of the window forgetting the world all together. Every so often, my new social worker, Claire, would try and make friendly conversation but I would just shake it off not wanting to talk. I didn't mean to be rude, but I just wanted to be left alone. When we arrived at the care home, I realised that the building was in fact one I passed every day on my way to school with Lottie and Louis. My old house was just around the corner... Me and Claire both got out of the car as she got my bags. There was smiling kids all in the windows and a few came running out towards me.


"Girls, this is Madison, she's going to be staying with us for a while. Madison this is Charlie," Claire said as she pointed to a girl around my height, dressed in a football kit, blonde hair tied up in a sleek pony-tail with piercing blue eyes. "This is Jamie," Claire introduced us while pointing to a girl with black hair, a summer dress on with a friendly smile on her face, "and this is Megan." Claire finished off pointing to a girl who looked a little older than me, Jamie and Charlie. She wore skinny jeans, a thin strapped top and a cardigan over it to finish the look. She smiled at me and then to Claire.


"Hey, I'm Megan. You prefer Maddie, right?" She asked. I looked at her with my mouth hung open. No one knew that except Lottie and Louis.


"H-how do you k-know t-that?" I stuttered out in pure shock.


"Louis told me. I'm in his class at school. I also know that Lottie's your best friend. I know a lot about you because he never shut's up about you." Megan said with a little giggle at the end. I blushed a little as we all walked into the house. I must admit, I felt a little bit better that these girls where nice to me.


~ Later that evening ~


"You'll be fine you know, Mad's. We'll all look after you here. We already consider you family." Matthew said. Matthew is Megan's twin brother. They've both been showing me around and haven't left me once yet which I liked. This place is a little scary to me. And another good thing is, I won't be by myself at all now at night because me and Megan will be sharing a room. I must admit, being the new care home kid is frightening for me because I'm one of the youngest kid's here, but it's good because I have others like Megan, Matthew, Charlie and Jamie now. We're already best friends. They knew what happed and how I ended up here so they didn't ask me too many questions because they knew I didn't like talking about it.


"Come on Mad's, school tomorrow. Louis and Lottie will be walking with all of us from now on." Megan informed me. I smiled at her and made my way after her to our shared room. She tucked me in and made sure I would be okay. "I'm just over here if you need me, okay?" She asked. I nodded my head as my eyes started shutting due to their heaviness. We said our good nights and she turned the lights off. Not long after, I fell asleep.


~ That night ~


"Megan?" I whispered shaking her shoulder lightly. No response.  "Megan?" I asked a little bit louder. I wiped my cheeks that were wet from me crying. She rolled over, turned her bed-side lamp on looking at me with concern.


"Madison? What's wrong?" She asked opening her arms to hug me. I hugged her back and broke down completely. I didn't know what happened. One minute I was okay, the next I couldn't stop crying. I told her that I wanted my parent's back which she understood. That night she let me sleep in her bed to make me feel better. But when I looked at her clock, it read 6:45am. I knew there was no point in going back to sleep and I knew Megan wasn't asleep either. 15 minutes past when her alarm clock went off. We both got up and went to change into our uniforms. We both had skirts on and our hair tied up in French braids. After breakfast, Louis and Lottie met us and we all headed off to school. Me, Lottie, Charlie and Jamie walked together while Louis, Megan and Matthew walked behind us. Let's just say, after last night, I'm not looking forward to school today.

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