Suicide - 5S0S/1D Fan-Fic

"Please tell the boys how much I will miss them. Hug them every day for me. I can't stand the thought of being parted from them, but I have to do this. I'm sorry xxx"


2. House Fire

Maddie's POV (nearly 8 years old)


I looked around my room frantically. I could smell the smoke already. I knew we were in big trouble. I quickly jumped out of my bed and approached the door not knowing what to do. As my hand reached out to touch the door handle, I could feel the heat radiating off of it immediately so I stepped back. The smoke was gushing in through the gap under my door as my lungs started to cave in and I felt my breathing get out of time.


"Help!" I started screaming as loud as I possibly could. I felt the tears run down my cheeks as I thought the worst that was going to happen. "Mommy! Daddy! Help me!" I screamed even louder hoping to get a reaction or something from my parents down the hall.


"Maddie! You need to stay calm!" My Dad shouted faintly. It didn't work. I'm panicking more now.. What do I do?!


"I'm scared..." I yelled back. I grabbed my blankets and duvet off my bed and shoved them in front of the door hoping to stop the smoke. The air wasn't as smoky on the floor so I stayed on my hands and knees and started sobbing more.


"Go to your window and call for help!" My mum screamed. I could tell she was scared. And I'm sure they know how scared I am too. I crawled to my window and pulled myself up using the radiator that was cold as ice as support. I managed to open my window and when I looked down, I instantly regretted it as fear washed over me. I soon remembered what I was supposed to be doing and started screaming like crazy. After about 5 minutes, next door's lights came on in the back bedroom that belonged to their son who left for university 3 weeks ago. The curtains were whipped open to see a shocked and scared Mr and Mrs Evans. They both dashed from the window and I started screaming even louder until I saw Mr Evans emerge from the back door and sprint across our lawn and Mrs Evans frantically flapping her arms while on the phone. I ran to my door dropping to my knees as the black sooty smoke was still finding ways into my already smoky room.


"Mommy! Daddy! Mr Evans is outside in out garden. Mrs Evans is on the phone now. I'M SCARED!!!" I screamed, coughing at the end as I started struggling even more for air. After a minute or two, there was still no sound from either of my parents. "Mommy! Daddy!!!" I tried screaming even louder thinking that they hadn't heard me. By now, I could hardly breathe where I was on the floor so I made my way back over to my window, gasping for air. A few short minutes later, I heard sirens and big fire trucks come and stop outside of my house.


"The child is up there! Get her down now!" Mrs Evans said pointing up to my window. One of the fire men nodded his head and him and another fire man came with a ladder. They placed it against my wall and started scrambling up it immediately. I pushed my window open a little more so I could squeeze through it.


"Sweetie, come to me. You’re going to be fine, okay?" The man asked me. I nodded my head, crying even harder than I was. He grabbed a hold of me and carried me back down the ladder to the safety of the cold, grass floor. Paramedics where there and they immediately put me on a stretcher, and whisked me away even throughout all my protests to wait for my Mommy and Daddy.


~ At the hospital the next day ~


I awoke from my horrendous sleep. I was tossing and turning all night. I couldn't sleep at all. My chest was hurting and I couldn't breathe and I missed my parents dearly. I sat up slowly, while getting used to the light that shone from the windows and lights above me. There was a knock at the door and in came Charlotte Tomlinson and her older brother, Louis. I smiled slightly and hugged them both. Lottie has been my best friend for years. She and Louis are like my brother and sister now.


"How you doing love?" Louis asked me.


I looked down at my hands as tears pricked at my eyes. I looked back up to face him and choked out, "I want my Mommy and Daddy!" But little did I know that they were dead.

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