Past the point of no return

Have you ever struggled so hard in your life for someone? Have you ever tried to get them back but, to no avail? Have you ever had to hide your scars from the world? In order to protect the one that did it to you in the first place. If you have then welcome to the world of Cordelia Vander. Who's brother has another personality. She struggles to find out if she can ever get her brother back. Not Shaun. Declan


1. Old days

                                                  The sun shone down upon the lake that I used to love. So did Declan my brother. I loved him so much. He took care of me and always held me when I was sad. He carried me when I was tired. The sun also warmed our backs. It was easy to tell that we were brother and sister. We had the black hair and green eyes. The only exception was Declan had a splinter of red creeping into his eyes. Our parents worried about it. I have always wondered why.

                                           I don't wonder anymore.


                                                   It all started with shouts. Is that always how it begins? Or is it just that way in my messed up world. " Control it Declan, Damn it!" I heard my brother tell himself. I decided to comfort him by trying to hug him. Instead of doing the same he roughly pushed me into the wall. It took me a moment to come up from the shock of being thrown into the wall by my brother. I blinked in confusion,'' What's wrong Declan,''. " Shut your little mouth brat,'' Declan snapped at me. That thing could not have been the Declan that I love. No way could that have been the brother that hugged me and showed me the crystal lake 8 miles out of town.

                                         It hurt me so bad to hear that come out of his mouth,'' Wh-hhat,'' I gulped down tears. He stared at me with his eyes steely. I couldn't help but see the difference in his eyes. They were harsh and cold,'' You can't be Declan,'' I told him. He smiled slyly,'' Quite right. From now on call me Shaun. Mhmm that rhymed....''. Suddenly in his eyes I saw warmth and kindness. Truthfully I couldn't think. I could only grab the carpet and and wipe my tears with my shoulder.

                                         " Cordelia hold on I might not always be here. But, for me please stay with him make sure you never leave him or... me...''. With that the warmness was erased from his eyes and Shaun went into the kitchen. I shudder when he got out a butcher knife,'' Wonder how this will do,'' He gave me a rough smile walked into our parents room. I didn't follow. I looked around our house. It would always be my home. It's blue walls and cheery atmosphere. I felt the tile counters, so cold yet so warm with memories.

                                                I heard agonized screams... then silence. I shuddered. I also heard faint grunts,'' Make yourself useful won't you?''. I screamed when he showed me what I needed to do to be 'useful'. Shaun pulled the bloodied knife out on me,'' I should of said NOW,'' I gulped remembering what Declan said. I nodded and picked up my father. He had no beat in his great chest. his eyes stared back at mine with no life or light. There was no hope for me to go on. My parents were dead and if I was not careful I would share their fate.

                                      We got in the car and he gave me instructions. I did them without asking, hoping that Declan will come back. Please, I prayed to God. It never happened. I gave my family a small funeral that Shaun just rolled his eyes too,'' Ok drown time,'' he told me in the same rough voice. Drying my tears I rested my mom in the water and sadly watched as the heavy bricks and chain made her sink. I did the same with my dad. The moon was reflected on the lake. That's where their grave was. The stars were spread out like memories and for me that's all I have left off my family.

       A cold wind slapped me in the face and on my bare arms. It was as if nature itself hated me for what I had just done. A coward. That's all I am. I  a coward for her brother that might not be there. The reed stalks swayed in the wind like they were saying good-bye to my old life. The life that was full of lamb like innocence and happiness.I wished again that Declan would show up for just a second to just give me a glance with his warm eyes. It never happened. Instead he kicked me,'' Come on let's go,''

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