Past the point of no return

Have you ever struggled so hard in your life for someone? Have you ever tried to get them back but, to no avail? Have you ever had to hide your scars from the world? In order to protect the one that did it to you in the first place. If you have then welcome to the world of Cordelia Vander. Who's brother has another personality. She struggles to find out if she can ever get her brother back. Not Shaun. Declan


2. If is a bad word

                                                 Ask me to list the words that should be erased from the face of the earth and you will get this.

1. If

2. If

3. If


                                                      What a joke! That word is giving you false hopes. Or making you shame yourself for something that can't be fixed. I know this from experience. Every time I look into Shaun's eyes I strain to find Declan. Sometimes I find a glimmer of his kindness. Most time I get a slap in the face and a kick in the ribs.


                                                 " Delia I need your help,'' Shaun demanded of me. Sighing I got up from the floor and went to see what it was. I nearly threw up when I saw it. I mean her. It was a beaten, bloodied, and still alive woman. " What the hell,'' I asked him. Shaun punched me,'' Yell one more time...." his hand hovered over his pocket." Anyhow, I need you to find a remote place to let...her.....have.....her funeral,'' he struggled to find the words. I looked at the woman in sympathy,'' Fine,'' was all I could manage. The woman looked at me in horror and disgust. I couldn't help but, turn my head for a second. I tried looking for some kindness in Shaun's green eyes. All I got was bitterness.

                                                  The apartment that he was renting was old and run down. The air conditioner rattled and the windows were filmy. The only reason why he rented it was because it was near the outskirts of town. It wasn't very big either. The woman looked like she had had a long night. She had dark circles and her hair was stringy. In a way she looked like the apartment but, younger.

                                                        I lifted the woman up off the floor. " Please don't kill me,'' she begged. " Not me you have to worry about,'' I replied kind of coldly. " That man....What's his problem?'' she whispered. " That man is technically my brother,'' I told her my voice raising a little. After all it wasn't Declan's fault that Shaun over powered him. Right? It was silent for a while. I dragged her through the alleyways and out of public sight. I could feel her fear ebbing. She was breathing easier and her voice wasn't so rattled.

                                           " And by technically you mean?'' she asked me. " My brother is in there somewhere. I know it,'' hope crawled into my voice." Well you brother is insane and I wonder if you are too,'' the woman had gotten to lose lipped. My eyebrow twitched," Sorry but, if is a bad word,'' I set the woman down. Ready to do my job. We were now near a small river that was dirty and murky. Much like the way I felt about what I was about to do.

                                                       " What?'' the woman said in confusion. " Well I am truly sorry but, it will take the pain away,'' I pulled the needle out of my pocket. I know I was just making excuses but, I really had no choice. I hung my head, mentally, in shame. I pricked the woman's skin with the needle. The confused light left her eyes. I gave my respects and left. Shaun always came back to see that I had done my job. Never has he not.


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