Short but Sweet.

"Our time together was so short...I loved her so much...I can't believe she's gone." Alexa Young was only nineteen when it happened. Her boyfriend, Samuel Dillings, was twenty when it happened. The car driver said it was an accident. Witnesses said it wasn't. Samuel still says he wishes it was him in Alexa's place, that she was too young. The Young's blame Samuel for what happened. Everyone is pushing him away. And it's driving Samuel to death.


1. Prologue.

        I feel...Incomplete. Like a-jigsaw puzzle, missing its final piece, and no matter how hard you search for it, you'll never find it again. Her parents...They blamed me-me!-for what happened. How could I-could I have done this-that-to her. Why would've I done? What would I have gained? Except-her death? I loved her, loved her more than they ever did-it-it is like my heart has been ripped out, stomped on, and carelessly chucked it back into my chest cavity-I would do anything to turn back time, and be in that car, the goddamned car that bloody killed my perfect girlfriend, my girl, my baby girl, my angel...My love. 

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