A Look into My World

I'm always in my own little world. Sometimes, people ask me what's going up there in my "over-active imaginative mind". Well, now you get a chance to see what goes on. Sometimes I fantasize about my favorite anime or manga: other times I write stories in my head. I like to believe my mind is unique with all its door and gates. It's quite confusing if you don't understand the way I work. I like to play mind games too. So when you look into my world, don't believe everything you see. I'll be waiting for you. All you have to do is find me. Good Luck.


4. Up the stairs

(No warning, unless you don't like the feeling of people constantly watching you..)


She entered her room once more.

The same time every night.

She awaited for the slumber to take her over, like usual.

But not tonight.

She dared not open her eyes, her parents would come in.

If they see she is awake, they will mad.

She does not like her parents when they are mad.

She began to see little white dots appear in the midst of the darkness.

It looked like the static of the TV when the signal went out.

Her bedroom door opened.

She heard the gentle footsteps of her father.

She slowed her breathing, to appear to be sleeping.

Her father put a finger under her nose, feeling the breath she gave out.

She felt a tingling sensation in her arm, but pushed the thought aside.

Her father left, the tingling still there.

Knowing her father was the only one to enter her room at this time, she opened her eyes.

She looked down at her arm.

A small circle of purple was growing larger on her arm.

She did nothing, but watched, curious as to what was happening.

She watched as the color spread across her body, sparing her head.

At last, the purple color reached her neck, then her chin.

When it finally reached up towards her eyes, she felt tired.

She fought the strong feeling of slumber and kept her eyes open.

The color reached her forehead.

And suddenly, her memories of the day began to vanish.

The fight she had gotten into with her friend was replaced.

She now remembered talking to her friend about the new dresses in the stores.

The rude thoughts she had made for her teacher disappeared.

She now remembered having joyful thoughts of the boy next to her.

One by one, all of the seemingly bad things she had done throughout the day began to be replaced with good ones.

Before she could fight it off, the purple consumed her entire brain, leaving her feeling even more tired.

She closed her eyes, momentarily.

The next thing she knew, she was being awoken by her alarm clock.

She sat up in bed, no longer remembering the purple color spreading over her body.

She no longer remembered the events that had originally happened.

She began the day again, same as every other.

She went to school, once more.

As she went about her day, she hadn't done anything seemingly bad, but she had a bad feeling.

She went home after school, and eventually went to bed.

Again, she could not sleep.

Her father came in, and left.

She opened her eyes to see a red colored circle spreading on her arm.

Everyday of her life had constantly been erased, being replaced with the memories of which They decided.

They had suspected something from the start.

They knew she had nights where she faked sleep, discovering their plan time after time.

They could not take it any longer.

The serum would soon wear off of her, she would remember everything.

They had to erase her, and erase everyone's memory of her.

They wanted control, and They were determined to get it.

She was erased, yet reborn as a new child.

She had a new life, a new name, a new personality.

Yet this time however...she remembered everything.

In her home, up the stairs lied a secret.

The upstairs were off limits.

In a room, lied several cameras.

Each one, focused on one place she went to.

They had someone watch her for them.

They concocted the serum to replace the events they decided were to be erased.

This is why you don't remember certain things.

This is why your memories can sometimes be incorrect.

Someone changes your memories.

And They are after you.


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