Blood Slave

In the year 3013 vampires have taken over the world. All humans are seen as are walking blood bags. On a girls eighteenth birthday she's sent into a place called the slave auction, where she is sold to a vampire as there own person blood bank. What happens when eighteen year old Arielle Reece is sold to the vampire lord himself Harry Styles.


3. Chapter 3

                                                            Chapter 3

Afraid? How can I not be afraid when the cause of my death is right around the corner. But that's the thing, is death really what I’m afraid of? Or is it something else? And in all honesty, I don’t really know what it is I’m afraid of. So how can I be so afraid, if I don’t know what it is I’m afraid of.

The door suddenly opened, and in walked a girl who looked to be in her mid 30’s. 

“Lord Harry has requested you in the dining room,” the woman said, I merely nodded my head at the woman.

“Oh, he has requested that you wear this,” she said handing me the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen. I smiled up at the woman before thanking her as she walked out of the room.

I quickly changed into the dress before exiting the room. It was then that I realized I didn’t have a clue as to where the dining room was. Just as I was about to start my search for the dining room, a hand grabbed my forearm causing me to spin around. I turned around to come face to face with my master himself Harry Styles.

“I figured you wouldn’t have a clue as to where the dining room is, am I correct?” He asked, I only nodded my head.


“You are correct,” I said smiling at him slightly. 

“Well then. Right this way,” he said leading me down the long hall. We soon entered a room with fancy looking things in it. So fancy not even the average vampire would have. Which again, I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s a castle after all. I was guided over to a table where what looked to be about eight people sitting at. I recognized four of them immediately as the other three lords Louis, Niall and Zayn. And the vampire king himself, Liam Payne.

“Harry, glad you could join us,” Liam said as we walked in. 

“And who might this be?” Liam asked as his eyes landed on me. And in that given moment I wanted die. I could feel eyes burning through my soul as Harry led me towards the table.

“Guys, this is Arielle, the girl I bought earlier," he said as we sat down. I just gave a smile as everyone around me stared at me, as if talking in every inch of my body.

“Hi, I’m Niall!” The boy next me said cheerfully. I gave him a small wave, afraid to get in trouble for speaking without being told.

“She acts just like Emily did when I first got her,” he said. Who’s Emily? And how do I act like her?

“Ya I know, I’m hoping to break that little shell of hers,” Harry said. Break my shell? What does that mean? Did I do something wrong, and I’m being punished for it? I don’t remember doing anything wrong.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, love,” Harry whispered in my ear, as if reading my thoughts.

“I did read your thoughts love, it’s one of my many abilities,” he said flashing me a cheeky smile. Soon a huge plate of food was set in front of me. And when I say huge I meant it, it’s more than I’ve ever ate in my entire life! Which I guess that doesn’t say much,for the fact we didn’t have much money growing up. 

“Are you going to eat, love?” Harry asked, watching me stare wide eyed at the huge amount of food.

“Uh, ya sorry,” I said shyly before attempting to eat everything on the plate.

When I said attempt, I meant it. I couldn’t even finish half of it. Through out the whole night, I kept getting mean glares from the girl across the table, what was her name? Eleanor I think? I don’t know I’m horrible at remembering names. But why was she glaring at me? Did I do something wrong? The door opened taking from my thoughts and in walked Harry.

“Hello, love,” He said as he walked into the room.

“Hi,” I said shyly, as he sat on my bed.

“You’re so shy, ya know that,” he said staring at me. I only have him a confused look.

“What do you mean?” I said softly.

“You never talk, or interact with anyone,” He said as if the most obvious thing in the world. Shy? I’m not shy, I’m simply following the rules, the rules that every slave must follow unless instructed not to. Which why would Harry not want me to follow the rules? He is a lord after all.

“Well ya, I’m just following the rules,” I told him.

“I haven’t given you any rules yet,” He said, I only gave him a confused look.

“What do you mean you haven’t given me any rules yet? What about the rules that every slave must follow?” I asked confused.

“Don’t follow those rules, follow mine after all, you are mine aren’t you?” He questioned, and I nodded my head. So if he doesn’t want me to follow the slave rules then, what rules does he want me to follow?


“How about I just tell you the rules, ya?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“Rule number one, do as I say. Rule number two, don’t show any disrespect, which judging by how you’ve acted so far shouldn’t be a problem. Three, don’t do something stupid like trying to run away. And last but not least, for your sake only, when out in public or when guests are here never leave my side, got it?” he asked as he finished explaining the rules. So that’s it? That’s all the rules? What about no speaking without being spoken to? Or don’t do anything without being told?

“That’s it?” I asked still confused by why he’s rules are so….different.

“Ya that’s it, I don’t agree with the traditional slave rules,” He explained.

“But, you’re one the lords, didn’t you help come up with the rules?” I asked confused

“No, Liam, Louis and Zayn did, Niall and I had no say in the matter,” he explained, confusing me even more. Why wouldn’t one of the lords have a say in the laws? As a lord doesn’t he have a say?

“But you’re a lord, don’t you two have a say?” I asked confused. He only shook his head at me.

“No, when we designed the government the population didn’t agree with Niall and I’s vison on things. Instead, they went with Liam, Louis and Zayn's” He explained. Now I understand, it’s a thing of power. They feel that if they have authority over us, and can treat us like shit that they have power. And sadly, that’s what this worlds about, power and control. 


A/N Here you have it! Chapter three everybody! I just wanted to give you guys a big thanks for all your support. This is only chapter 3 and your all so supportive. I honestly couldn't ask for for better readers. Wait no, not readers. I like to think of you as more of my friends. Readers is such a low title. You guys mean a lot more to me then just readers. 

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