Blood Slave

In the year 3013 vampires have taken over the world. All humans are seen as are walking blood bags. On a girls eighteenth birthday she's sent into a place called the slave auction, where she is sold to a vampire as there own person blood bank. What happens when eighteen year old Arielle Reece is sold to the vampire lord himself Harry Styles.


17. Chapter 16

                                                                                        Chapter 16


It’s dark. I can’t hear or see a thing. ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What’s happening?’ Are some of the thoughts running through my mind. But that’s when I heard it. Faint whispering from a distance.


“Arielle,” it calls out, as if trying to draw me in. But what is it? As the voice gets louder and louder so does the vacant sound of footsteps slowly making their way towards me.


“Hello Ariella,” a sickling voice called out. A voice I immediately recognized.


“W-what do you want with me? Why am I here?” I stuttered out, earning a dark chuckle in return.


“Well you see love, it’s my job as king to protect the people of my nation. I’m only here to stop you from causing any further damage then you already have. You may have Niall and Harry wrapped around your little finger but they're no match for my power. So, if you're wanting to stay alive and protect the ones you love I highly suggest you do as I say.


I want all your planes of over throwing the kingdom destroyed. I want you to tell Harry you agree with the way the kingdom is run and you want things to stay the same. If you can follow through with these plans I’ll free you and your sister. I’ll free you from ever having to serve a vampire again. Now tell me Arielle, how does that sound? To be able to live a life of peace and freedom. To be able to go where ever and do whatever you please. And it all comes at such a small cost. So what do you say Arielle? Do we have a deal?” Liam’s voice sickenly said. The offer was generous though. Maybe a little too generous.


“But what about Harry? What’s to happen to Harry once I’m gone?” I questioned, earning a chuckle from Liam.


“Babe, Harry is going to be just fine. He’s going to go back to his position of running the nation and everything is going to go back to normal. You and your sister can have the life you desire and never have to worry about anything again. Doesn’t that sound nice Arielle? To be able to live freely without any harm to come to you? I know you’d do anything for your dear sisters safety and what better way than this? Come on Arielle, this is a once in a lifetime chance. Don’t blow it now,” He tried reasoning. And he was absolutely right.


This was a once in a lifetime chance. I mean not very many humans get to live a happy free life. In fact, hardly at all. If I didn’t take this chance then I would most definitely regret it. Then again, what about Harry? What about all the people I’d let down if I went through with this? Could I possible put them through that? Well, I guess this is the moment of truth. The moment that determines not only mine, but millions of peoples lives. That’s when the words slipped my mouth. The words that control my whole life from here on out.    

“I agree,” were the last words I remember saying before everything went black.

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