Blood Slave

In the year 3013 vampires have taken over the world. All humans are seen as are walking blood bags. On a girls eighteenth birthday she's sent into a place called the slave auction, where she is sold to a vampire as there own person blood bank. What happens when eighteen year old Arielle Reece is sold to the vampire lord himself Harry Styles.


12. Chapter 12

 Chapter 12


After about an hour of intense training I was tired. I felt as though I went to hell and back. And let me tell you something. If you thought insanity was hard, then you should try training with a vampire. It sucks.

“Can I please be done?” I Begged, only getting a sigh from Harry.

“Fine, but were training again tomorrow first thing,” he warned, and I nodded my head eagerly before running out of the room.

Once I entered my room I saw someone who I hadn’t been expecting to see. Standing in the corner of my room was the one and only Zayn Malik.

“Arielle, lets talk for a minute shall we?” He spoke, and I hesitantly nodded my head.


“Do you remember our little conversation we had last week?” He questioned, and I nodded my head.


“Well ya see love, I saw something the other day, something I didn’t like. So, I’ve come here to put it to rest,” he said with a smirk. I only nodded my head in confusion.


“So tell me, how exactly do you plan to overthrow the kingdom?” He questioned, causing me to let out a gasp. How did he know about that? Harry and I swore nobody was within fifty feet of us.


“How did you-” I began to say but was cut off by Zayn.


“I can see the future love, I knew what you two were planning all along. I knew the second you walked through those palace doors you were trouble. I tried to warn Harry But he’s head over heels for you,” Zayn replied, I only shook my head.


“What are you trying to say? Harry only went along with this because you think he likes me?” I laughed out.


“No love, I know he likes you,” he answered, I only shook my head in response.


“No, Harry cannot like me; all I am is his Blood slave. That’s all I am to him and all I’ll ever be. Plus, even if he did like me he couldn’t have me. I’m his blood slave, and I’m pretty sure a vampire is not to fall for his blood slave,” I pointed out, only getting a laugh from Zayn.

“It is very possible for a vampire to fall for their slave. it’s rare, but possible. And you my dear, have managed a very powerful vampire to get wrapped around your finger,” he said, before walking out of the room. But what did he mean by wrapped around my finger? I do not have Harry wrapped around my finger. Sure, I have a good relationship with him, but what does that have to do with love?

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