A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


4. 4

         {Niall's POV}

             Harry, Peyton and Liam lead me and Zayn to Mr. Tomlinson's room. As we turn the corner, all eyes are on me and Zayn as we walk through the hallway. I hear people whispering around me, saying stuff about how me and my step-brother are really hot and stuff. I listen as we walk, but one comment makes me stop in my tracks.

            "Why are the new guys hanging out with the deaf girl and her loser friends?" I turn to the voice and see a guy with black hair and greenish eyes looking over at Peyton who is behind Harry and Liam, but in front of me and Zayn. The boy is wearing a red bandana around his bicep, and is looking at us with disgust.

          "I don't know, Zach." The boy next to him replies, laughing, He's wearing the same bandana that 'Zach' is wearing around his head. I fell somebody bump into me and look away from the two boys and look to see a girl with brunette hair trying to move through the growing crowd. She looks back at me and shouts a 'Sorry!' as she turns to catch up with her friends.

         "You coming Niall?" I hear Zayn as me, as I nod and jog up to him and continue walking with him until we reach a classroom that has students rushing into it. Peyton steps inside of it, followed by Liam and Harry. She nods to a guy who is standing in the corner of the room.

         He starts signing to her as she replies back, making me wish I knew sign language so I could know what they were talking about. As we continue walking to the back of the classroom, I notice a man with Carmel colored hair sitting behind his desk, who I assume is the teacher.

         Harry grabs mine ands Zayn's arms and drags us up to the front as Liam and Peyton take their seats next to each other and begin signing to each other.

        "Mr. Tomlinson, these are the new students, Zayn and Niall." He says. The man, Mr, Tomlinson looks up at us.

       "Hel-" He stops talking as he looks up to us and looks at Zayn, his eyes bulging out of his head. He clears his throat as he continues looking at my step-brother. "Sorry about that, I'm Mr, Tomlinson, your drama teacher."

      Zayn looks at him and seems to daze off looking into his eyes. "Zayn." I say, waving my head in front of his face, snapping him out of his daze. He begins to blush as he looks down at the floor.


     Mr. Tomlinson smiles at him, his eyes sparkling. I look over at Harry and see him trying not to laugh. I'm already laughing at Zayn so I decide to stop so I don't embrace him too much.
     "Well, I'm Niall and this is my brother Zayn." He say pointing at Zayn, who is still blushing.

     "You guys can sit in the back next to Liam and Peyton. Harry will you show them their seats please?" Mr. Tomlinson says, looking around, his cheeks a deep crimson color.

    We turn around and I start to laugh, looking at Zayn, who is glaring at me. "Stop laughing at me."

     "I can't, mate. You and Mr. Tomlinson just eye raped each other."

    Harry bursts out laughing, sitting next to Liam. I sit down next to Peyton and look at her. She has her sketchbook out and is sketching something, I can't tell what it is. I guess she senses me staring at her since she looks up and looks at me, jumping when she sees I'm looking at her. She starts blushing and sends me a small smile, looking back down at her sketch afterwards.

     "And they basically eye raped each other!" I hear Harry say to Liam, who is laughing really hard.

    "It's no even funny!" Zayn says, hiding his face with his hands as Mr. Tomlinson tells everybody to sit down so he an began his lecture.


      Sorry its so short, I had to update a quick chapter. Next chapter will be Peyton's point of view.



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