A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


10. 10

             {Liam's POV}

                  I didn't want to run away from Harry after we kissed, it just happened. My body reacted before my head did, and made me run towards Peyton and I's house. I hadn't realized Harry was following after me until I turned and saw him climbing up the steps, panting slightly. I ran to the door of our flat and opened and then sat in front of it, scared Harry wanted to come in, even though I had locked the door and he didn't have a key.

                 Kissing Harry wasn't a mistake to me, I was just scared of what he would of said when I pulled back. It was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing, even though I really wanted to kiss him. When Harry had asked what he had done to make me avoid him, I gave in, and kissed his pouty lips. He kissed me back, which surprised me to say the least. I hadn't expected him to kiss me back, and when my lips connected with his, I felt all tingly, like I do when I touch Harry, as cliché as it sounds.

                I knew I had to face Harry sometime, but I had hoped it wouldn't be so soon. But when I saw his pleading eyes looking at me when he, my roommate, and Niall and Zayn walked into our flat, I knew I had to face him.

             "C'mon. Let's talk, Harry." I looked at Peyton and signed to her, 'You are not aloud to come with us!'

             She gasped, faking offense, 'What do you think I would do? Admit all the secrets I know about you guys?'

       I heard Harry's breath hitch, and he looked desperately at Peyton with pleading eyes. 'Don't you dare!'

       "What are they talking about, Niall? News flash, I don't know sign language!" I heard Zayn ask Niall, who laughed at him.

        "They're signing to fast for me to understand. I only learned sign language a week ago, Zee." Niall told Zayn, chuckling at him.

        'Seriously Pay, we need talk alone.' I signed to her. 

       She sighed. 'It's not like I would know what you guys are saying. I am guessing you are not going to be signing right?'

         I looked at her, taken aback. 'Peyton. . .' I signed, trailing off, reaching my hand out to comfort her. She new that I didn't want her in their while me and Harry were talking. I love Peyton to death, but I want to work this out with him only.

      She shrugged away form my hand, not letting me touch her shoulder, and turned to Harry, 'Let me know what happens okay?'

     Harry nods at her, stepping forward and hugging her. He turns away from Peyton and motions for me to lead the way to a room we are going to talk in. I turn away form I'm and walk down the hallway, stopping at my room and walking into it as Harry follows me and steps into the to the room also, closing the door behind him.

        I walk to my bed, sitting on it and looking up at Harry. "Harry -"

        He cuts me off. "Why did you run form me?"

         I take in a sharp breath, avoiding eye contact. "I- I didn't think that you would want to talk to me, it was a. . . spur of the moment type thing."

       I look up at Harry, seeing him looking down at the floor. "Oh. . . um. . . okay then."

       I glance at Harry in shock. "Did you think it was a spur of the moment kiss?"

        Harry shakes his head, "No. I didn't but its okay that you did. Obviously it was a mistake." Something inside me crushes, like my insides are being twisted into knots, and my heart drops.

        He thought it was a mistake, he thought that amazing, electric, wonderful kiss was a mistake. It wasn't a mistake! I know he liked that kiss!

        "Wh- what?"

       "Yeah. It was a mistake, I don't think we should bring it up again." Harry says, his voice cracking.

       I gasp slightly, taken aback by his words. Before I can reply to his words, Harry opens the door of my bedroom and walks out of it, walking down the hallway until I can't see him anymore. I jump up, trying to run after him as I speed walk through the hallway, hearing the door close. I look at Peyton, who is sitting in the recliner and sketching something, probably Niall, seeing as that's all she draws now.

        Niall and Zayn are looking at the door in confusion, and they both look at me when they see I've entered the room.

       Zayn walks over to me. As he reaches me, he grabs my shoulders and makes me look at him. "What in the hell is going on?"



      A/N I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever, school is really stressful sometimes. Anyway! Who's ready for some Zouis?!! Thanks so much for reading this loves, it means a lot. Like, comment, favorite.

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