Made New

My name is Sophia. I had a great life. A mom and dad who loved me just as much as they loved my baby sister, Layla. I loved my life. Until, I was kidnapped. That changed everything. Changed how i looked, how I acted, how I was treated. They treat me differently than the others, though. The one with the curly hair, he loves me like a sister. But things don't always end in happily ever after. I was made new.


2. taken

Hello there! I'm Sophia Grace Martin. Time to introduce myself!

*life story* 

I had the perfect family. A mom who always helped me with my troubles. And a dad who tried his best to keep me out of trouble. And last but not least a little sister who was the most adorable thing you could ever see! But i lost all of that when i was kidnapped...


"aye! you can't go that way! It's too dangerous!" said the mean girl of the school. "Well, what way do you want me to go?" I asked her, seeing no other reasonable route. "Go down that way. It's much much safer and it takes less time to get to your house from that route." she said. I nodded my head and continued down the path she showed me. I soon discovered that this was not the safer path nor a path that led to my house. It was a dead end. Once I reached the end I chuckled lightly at my stupidity to even believe that brat. She did this on purpose. I turned around to head back to my usual route when a cloth that tasted like dirt and dust was put in my mouth. I tried my best to scream for help but I couldn't. I looked down the alleyway and saw Savannah Herth at the end looking horrified. That's when I knew she didn't want me to get hurt or actually get taken. She just wanted to embarrass me in front of her friends. Being thrown into the dark room was horrifying. There was nothing. Nothing left. Just plain doom.  I looked up to see my kidnapper.  He had really pretty green eyes which were glossy and full of tears. His hair was a mess of curls, but in a cute way. "I'm so sorry! I don't want to do this to you, but I have no other choice." he whispered with sorrow. He threw me into the back of the van and slammed the door. I heard the soft purr of the engine and the next thing I knew I was flying to the back of the van. I hit my head hard on the back door, and I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

*end of flashback*

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