Made New

My name is Sophia. I had a great life. A mom and dad who loved me just as much as they loved my baby sister, Layla. I loved my life. Until, I was kidnapped. That changed everything. Changed how i looked, how I acted, how I was treated. They treat me differently than the others, though. The one with the curly hair, he loves me like a sister. But things don't always end in happily ever after. I was made new.


7. Idk about him though


You know, I think I like Liam. But, he seems kind of dangerous. Or maybe its just that his friends seems dangerous. Oh, I don't know anymore. Thinking about this makes me sick . Thinking about boys when I should be getting my life on track! What am I thinking!? "Soph, can I sleep with you tonight? Pweees?" Layla asked with her puppy dog eyes. I can't resist those and she knows it. "Okay I guess so." I said. She smiled and grabbed her blanket off of the floor and walked sleepily towards my bed. Well, I guess it's not mine, really. I'm just borrowing it. She climbed in the bed and snuggled up to me. Eventually we both fell asleep. I have got to get my life back into shape for me and for Layla.

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