Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


7. Leaving

             In the morning we set out and gather hand fulls of nuts, berries, and roots. We decide to drink the water at the pond, and find a new camp. We set camp near a stream for water. While we eat our roots and nuts he kills a rabbit, gives me half, and tells me to only eat it if I need to. When we're done eating he stands up and says, "I gotta go I was only planning on help you if I ran into you. And I did I was only going to help you gather and give you some tips then go." I feel sad because I'll be all alone in the woods with people hunting me. I nod and he leaves. Now I'm all alone. All I have for camp is a little open spot surrounded by trees. I decide to climb one and jump from tree to tree to spy on everyone. 

           All I find out is Tresh goes into a field. The careers have all the food and weapons by the lake and they're building a pyramid. I watch and I see Peeta and the boy from 3! I thought Peeta would go with Katniss, since there like lovers. It might be an act. I see Katniss walking around looking for food, and water. I feel bad for her, and want to help her and take her to the stream. But I'm too afraid. Instead I go back to my camp climb high up in a tree tie myself in with the rope and put the socks on for warmth. I'm freezing. Last night I got Tresh's sleeping bag. He took it with him. I wrap myself around in my jacket and tuck my legs in. I don't get much sleep.



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