Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


9. Katniss

              When I was tending to Katniss's stings I noticed her mockingjay pin. A couple days pass no one dies and the careers are passed out. Peeta's by a pond, Cato stabbed him with a sword, and it hit his leg. When I come back to my camp I notice Katniss is awake. And see she has some rabbit and squirrel that she's eating. She see's me and beckons for me to come. We eat the food and she gives me a whole leg. I've never had one before. "I want you as an ally," Katniss says to me. I don't believe her. "You do?" I ask with disbelief. "I do, honestly. I do." she smiles at me. "Okay," and we shake hands. Now Katniss is my ally. Tresh is kind of my ally. Katniss and I  talk about our districts for a little. We gather some roots, berries, and nuts. That's basically all I eat. The only thing other then that was the half squirrel Tresh gave me. And the dry food which I already ate. I ate all my food fast I can gather a lot so I'm not usually hungry.

              We sleep up in a tree. And Katniss and I share the sleeping bag. I tell her about the food pyramid, and the careers. "We gotta get that food,"  Katniss tells me. "How?" I ask. "Destroying it," she tells me with a smile and we go to sleep. I keep think about how we're going to destroy it. I bet Katniss has a plan. I think there are mines around the pyramid. But how will she blow it all up. That's why they have to boy from Three. He probably did that. But how will she distract them long enough to blow it up. I leave Katniss to the think and drift off to sleep. For the first time in the arena I'm comfortable, and happy. 

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