Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


5. Interviews

             Today Tresh and I have interviews my approach to the interview is funny and nice. I have a blue dress that runs into a lacy skirt. I also have a belt with flowers. And to little flower hair clips. I wear these flat shoes with a little heel, and they like wrap around my feet. Now I look ten. I don't look funny and nice, I look young and cute. They paint my nails the same shade of blue with little flowers in the middle of each finger. I go down to the interview with Tassy, Tresh, Landon, Maneekeen, and Tresh's stylist. Tresh is wear a the same shade blue suit with black lining, and blue pants. With a black shirt underneath. We get in line we're almost last 12 is. I see Katniss, she's stunning as usual. She wears a long red dress with jewels and matching red heels. I wish I could be her.

              When it's turn for my interview I'm nervous. Caesar Flickerman welcomes me to stage and I sit the chair. "Now, Rue," he says. "How did you get that eight in training? 'Cause I mean thats pretty impressive for someone your size."  He says this in a voice that impresses the audience. I can't help it I blush a little and say, "I showed them how fast I am and how I can jump pretty good. That's my approach to the game, if they can't catch me how will they kill me?" Caesar is impressed by this. "Interesting thought," he's says. "What do you miss most about 11?" he asks me changing the subject. "My family," I tell him and I do miss my family. Caesar frowns a little as if he's sorry for me and says, "I bet you do."  I don't know what to say next but I bet he does. "Do you have any siblings?" Caesar asks me. "Yes, two younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. So I'm the oldest." I think of my little sister who's 11, she'll be in the reaping next year.  "Well, if you win you can see your family again." Caesar tells me. "And I'll try to get home." I smile and the buzzer goes off signaling our time is over. Caesar put's my hand in the air and shouts, "Rue! Everyone!" then I walk off stage. Tresh does his interview and mentions how I'm like his little sister to him but I'm not. I can see how he thinks that, and he's like my big brother. "And why is that?" Caesar ask Tresh. "Well we're neighbors and our moms are good friends so we hang out with Rue a lot." Tresh tells him, which is completely true.  

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