Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


3. Arrival

         When I wake, I go and eat breakfast. "We're almost to the capitol," Tassy tells me. I just nod and continue eating. We eat in silence but Tresh isn't there. Right when I leave Tresh comes in and looks at me like he's worried about me. With our families knowing each other I know he's worried about me. When I get to my room I cry. I put on a red silk wavy t-shirt and a matching skirt. I tuck my shirt in and brush my hair. I look like an innocent little child who misses her home, her family, and friend. I walk out to the dining room. Landon, my mentor smiles and says, "You changed good we should be at the Capitol any second now." 

        When we arrive the Capitol people are smiling and anxious to get a look at us. I smile at the people and try to be friendly, even though I hate them. It's horrible they make us do this. When I go inside the Capitol building, it's full of people. I'm lead to whole my prep team who wax my little hair I have, brush's  my hair, trims my nails, and washes me. "Your designer Maneekeen will be here soon," says one of my prep team people. They give me a robe and i put it on covering my naked body. A couple seconds later a man walks in he must be Maneekeen. He dyed his skin green and has green hair. It's freaky. He smiles, "I'm Maneekeen, and I'm your designer I'm going to designing  your dresses while you're in the capitol." He shows me a sketch of one of his outfits he designed for me. It's a overall jean dress with silky blue sleeves underneath. With a silver twisted wheat crown for my head. Then he shows me the actual dress.

           I get dressed in the dress Maneekeen made me. and walk out to the chariots where I see Tresh dressed in a a jean overall with a simple white t-shirt underneath. And the same crown on top. We get in the chariot and he says to me, "You shouldn't be here Rue. You're too young." he shakes his head, "No one should be here, they shouldn't make kids be forced to kill one another." I've never heard Tresh talk like this after all the years I've know him. "So does that mean you're not going to kill anyone?" I ask curious but cautious. He laughs, "Of course I will. I'm determined to get home. But I won't kill you little Rue." he pokes my side and laughs a little. And I giggle. Tresh has always been nice to me. "But I won't take my rewards and if they force me too, I won't use them unless I have to." After are little talk District One's chariot starts to move and the crowd roars with excitement. I look behind us and look at Twelve. They look amazing! They have these leather outfits with a cape that is lit with fire! Katniss looks fearless. 

              Are chariot moves and the crowd is roaring but not as loud as when they saw the Careers (District 1,2, and 4). Then the crowd gets super loud. I guess it's 12. They don't pay much attention to us. I think to myself. When the chariot ride is over we go in an elevator up to the eleventh floor. I guess that's where we'll be staying. I eat a little bit, watch the Opening Ceremony, and go to bed. The only way to sleep is to cry myself to sleep.


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