Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


7. The Hard Rock Cafe

It was a short walk to our favorite restaurant, The Hard Rock Cafe. We sit down and order, I order the legendary 10 oz. burger with just cheese and bacon. Lizzie orders the legendary chicken sandwich.

We hear the bell ding as the door opens. Girls around us scream and run up to the group of boys that just entered the restaurant. I look up and smile, seeing that the group of boys is One Direction. Then Harry spots me and Lizzie and starts walking towards us. The other boys notice him walking towards us and follow.

"So, the pictures weren't enough? You had to stalk us too?" I raise my eyebrow, moving over to make room for the boys in the red leather booth.

"We don't even know you're names. We had to follow you to find out." Zayn smiles, sliding into the booth.

"How romantic..." I laugh, rolling my eyes playfully. One by one the boys slide into the booth, three of them on my side and two sitting next to Lizzie.

"This is Cassie." Lizzie gestures to me with a smile.

"No." I snap, "Sorry, I... I'm Cassandra." I smile, trying not to look like a bitch.

"And I'm Lizzie..." She gives me a small concerned glance before returning her gaze to the hot boy band. Luckily only Niall notices and give him a small pleading look, not wanting him to say anything. He just smiles at me, obviously understanding.

"So, Cassandra and Lizzie, what do you want to do?" Zayn smiles, causing me to slap him on the arm playfully.

"Well, we are going to have a party. Which for us means we are going to stay up all night watching movies and talking about all the hot fictional characters that we will never be able to date." Lizzie replies, making me smile.

"That's pretty much true, except we have to watch your brother..." I sigh, looking at Lizzie and pouting.

"He has to go to bed by twelve..." Lizzie looks at her phone. "Which means he should be asleep by now." She smiles, high fiving me across the table.

"Do you have any movies to recommend?" I question, looking to the boys for help.

"Lion King. Definitely Lion King." Harry answers simply.

"Point Break!" Louis smiles.

"Goodfellas." Zayn winks.

"Anchorman! It's hilarious!" Niall laughs.

"Batman! He's so cool!" Liam replies, smiling.

"Thanks for the wide variety of suggestions..." I laugh, "but, I have seen them all." I sigh.

"How about you Lizard?"

"If I can't call you Cassie, you can't call me Lizard!" Lizzie frowns, crossing her arms.

"Whatever you say Lizard. Now answer the question." I laugh.

"I have seen Lion King but that's it..." Lizzie murmurs, visibly embarrassed.

"What?" I question, raising my eyebrows.

"You heard me. I haven't watched Point Break, Goodfellas, Anchorman, or Batman." She replies, embarrassment washing away.

"Well I know what we are doing tonight!" I exclaim, "Mom is here." I notice Lizzie's minivan pull into the parking lot. I motion for the boys to move, climbing out of the booth after taking one last sip of cherry Pepsi.

"Oh wait! They got more guitar picks! Come on Lizard!" I dash over to the gift shop where they sell rock and roll memorabilia.

I end up buying a few things, an orange mosaic guitar pick, and a purple mosaic pick. It only takes a minute, but I can feel One Direction's eyes watch me, wondering what I'm doing.

"What I can't buy something?" I question when I come out of the gift shop, they quickly avert their eyes.

"What did you buy?" Harry questions, putting his arm on my shoulder.

I duck under his arm and take a step back, "Why do you care?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Just wondering..." Harry mutters, looking embarrassed.

"Well. I bought a couple guitar picks." I give Harry a small apologetic smile and wave goodbye. "Bye! I hope I'll see you guys again!" I blow them a kiss, laugh, and follow Lizzie out the door.

"O-M-G mom you will never guess what happened!" Lizzie and I screech.

"We met One Direction and they really like us! They took a bunch of pictures with us and then when we left they followed us to the restaurant!"

"Wow... That's crazy. Just no... No... Just keep your clothes on..." Lizzie's mom warns. "Cassandra, your mom is watching Kevin at our house so you can ask about staying over."

"Yes mom." I smile, this is the best day ever!

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