Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


9. Sleep tight

Once we get to Lizzie's house we get popcorn and dash up the stairs to her room. Without even thinking I grab her laptop and log into pollystreaming, adding Point Break, Goodfellas, Anchorman, and the Batman movies to my watch list. 

 "I'm gonna take a shower." I say simply to Lizzie before walking into her purple bathroom. I take a short shower, put my hair up in a bun and put on a pair of Lizzie's pink pjs. 

 "Lights out." Lizzie's mom orders, knocking on the door. 

 "Aye aye captain." I answer, plopping onto Lizzie's bed. We slide under the covers, turning our backs to each other to avoid awkwardness. 

"Nighty night." I whisper.

 "Nighty night." Lizzie repeats. 

 "Remember. You're never alone." I whisper, I feel her shift and hit me with a pillow. 

"Shut up!" She shouts, turning on her lamp. 

 "Hehe." I giggle, giving her a creepy stare.

"Stop it!" She screeches, trying to hit me with the pillow again, but I hit her before she can hit me. 

 "Girls. Shush." Lizzie's mom hisses. 

"Yes ma'am." I sigh, grinning. 

"Not. A word." Lizzie snarls after her mom leaves. 

 "Go to sleep." I whisper, quoting Jeff the Killer. 

 "Whatever biotch." She sighs, pulling the covers around her. I pull them back towards me so we both have enough blanket. 

"Goodnight." I whisper, sighing and closing my eyes.

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