The Assistant



Slowly her eyes opened, though quickly adjusting to the light, the brightness of the room startled her. The walls where white, the floor was white, there were no windows or doors, it was a box. A box that she did not recognize. There was only the sound of the wind, though that wind itself was absent. No voices in the far distances, no one close. She was alone. Then suddenly the walls changed. The floor changed. The sound of the wind was no longer the sound of the wind but hushed whispering, clicking and clacking of shoes, rustling of papers. Everything changed in a instant, her vision was blurred and the only way she managed to escape this great confusion, was with the help of one particular sound. That of a heart monitor, beside what she managed to distinguish as a hospital bed, on which her body rested. And as she became aware of her surroundings, she became aware of the pain, bruised and cold she felt, bruised and cold she was. She shivered. Her senses were opening up one by one. All kinds of sensations rushed in. She felt the cotton sheets beneath her hands, tasted the citrus-smell that hung in the air and louder and louder the humming of the machines became. Her vision was hazy, like a veil was in front of it. She closed her eyes again. Took a deep breath. Opened her eyes, looked around and found herself able to see clearly. Now that she was used to feeling again, which she actually thought about and what made her chuckle to herself, she found herself in a hospital room. White, clean, rather spacious and eerily similar to the white room she had been in just seconds ago. Feeling more at ease now that she knew where she was, the pain wasn't that sharp anymore and the cold was slowly being replaced by the warmth of the sheets. "I see you've woken up." She couldn't see who was talking to her, she could only hear that the deep voice came from the shadows, the back of the room. Strangely dark it was, especially when taking in consideration that the curtains were open and a large beam of light filled most of the room. "Who's there?" Her voice barely came out, it was so hoarse, it seemed it could literally break. Gradually the darkness started to retreat and the shape of a man emerged from the shadows that were left behind.


--Rough Draft--

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