story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


10. waiting for the party!

The succeeding days I could examine him again that stood in front of the dance studio and saw me dancing. Sometimes I went to their recording studio and watched him singing. They chose a name for their group. That was One Direction… some weeks later all the guys pick a date for giving way to the beach. The date was Sunday after the church, But that was really rainy and cold. Margaret and Harry were spending really romantic times! Lou was just joking with me. He found a snake that dwells in the water and have no poison. But it was scary! He was roiling me with that serpent! All the guys threw a very happy time! One direction- Louis with his group- sang a love song for us. When we wanted to come back home, we got some crazy photos again!! Margaret and Harry were on the other side… they were kissing each other!! I turned over my eyes from them to Louis. Lou was laughing and showing his beautiful teeth to me… then he put his strong arms around me. We were walking next to the windy sea and spending beautiful times. “El… are you agree to create a party, invite friends and you precede me…?” He asked softly. I accepted that! But after that party there were not anything bar repentance… the date was the next Friday in our house. I gave way to Margaret’s home after the school on that day…

-Oh..Margaret… I have to manage a bunch of things for next week!

-I can help you… I’ll be with you one hour earlier to facilitate you…

Harry invited to our party. My daddy, mommy and I were sitting at the dinner table. I had to tell them about the party next week. Actually my mommy know the process. I didn’t desire to tell that to my father… because I was a bit timid!!

-Well… next week on Friday…?

-Yeah… it’s good… also I’ll have time to do the works.

“Don’t you wanna tell me what your process is?” My daddy asked. “Eliza! Tell the truth…” my mommy said while she was rising up her eyebrow. I didn’t talk so my mom explained that. They were thinking of their past! Then I resolved to let them be alone with each other! In their romantic loneliness…

I was waiting for the party…


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