story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


7. the concert's day

In any case, the concert date came. I got my diary notebook to take Celine Dion’s sign. I put on a beautiful pink dress. Our bell rang. When I spread out the door, I saw Louis sadly. He took my hand and fetched me out of home.” Oh… I am very sorry… but the concert cancelled…” Lou said sadly. I was very unhappy in my affection but I strained not to picture that. Actually, he understood my bad feeling. I was really near to crying. “Don’t tell anything to your mommy… don’t change your clothes… I will bring you somewhere else…” he said that and I assumed. I trusted him. In the car there was acting an old song by the Beatles. “Where will be going?” I asked again. “You’ll see. “He said. I actually required to know where will be moving? Maybe he wanted to bring me to a club, because I could hear the people’s screams. But actually it wasn’t a club. That was Celine Dion’s concert!!! There was a big poster of her in front of the hall. I shocked. I was a little angry because of his bad joke!! He broke me a fresh grin and spread out the door for me… I told that it wasn’t a nice joke at all. After finding our place and sitting Celine came on the stage and she started with I Drove All Night. It was a very good feeling. I started to cry. Louis was laughing at me. He put my head on his shoulder! Louis and I were very happy and we danced to all the songs. I got closer to the stage and touched Celine’s hand. I owed this feeling to Lou. We ate and drank a lot. He promised me to get me to Celine after the concert. When she was singing the Titanic (my heart will go on) he took my hand. We couldn’t hear our voices. He forced to shout. “Would you please be my girlfriend?!?!” He screamed. And for sure I took that and shouted YEAH!!! Louis and I were gazing at each other’s eyes. It was the first time that happening chanced. He place his good hand along my face cuddled me. When Celine was singing “Love can touch us one time… and last for a life time… and never let go till we’re one…” we felt our Lips scorching heat and kissed each other tightly…

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