story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


2. meeting Louis

After the biology class, we found a music class that they had boy band. Including 5 boys. They were singing. I forced Margaret to come with me and watch them. It was clear that we were not instinctive at all. Because it was the first time that we entered for this school. They were full of energy. Suddenly the teacher cut their performance.
-Lou… LLOOUU!!!! Why don't you do it right? Go and come back whenever you learned.
The boy who called Louise opened the studio door with anger. And hit me. All of my books and notebooks fall into the ground. Until the time he was apologizing, he was gathering my books and my other things. His sight had a short strike with me. But after that for 5 seconds we looked at each other. He was wearing jeans and a gray sweater. I liked his hair style. He moved with anger and got far from me. I was not vindictive. But Margaret was. “He didn’t look his front.” She said. “He hit me not you…” I guessed. In the dance studio, we were dancing Ballet. With the Ballet’s tight clothes… my mom always said when you’re dancing Ballet it seems like you’re walking in the sky! I was alone in the studio. But I understood that Louise is watching me. He was kind now. There was an another boy who I wasn’t familiar. He didn’t realize that I dare. I found that he is asking my name from his friend. 

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