story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


5. a sweet friendship

I didn’t tell him anything about his songs. “Would you please be my friend?” he said. I didn’t make him sad and I just accept him. Every day I walked alone to school. But from tomorrow on that day I would not be alone. After getting back to place my mom made a very yummy dinner. My mom said that Harry called. I put in everything about Lou to my mommy. She said that she knows Tomilson family.
For tomorrow I will wear a nice dress. I got my hair curly and wore a Papillion. I felt that he was really comfortable with me. He smelled really good. And me, as well. I scented with Channel 5. This perfume reminds everybody the classic voodoo of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe.
Which one of your songs you like most?
All of them, particularly the one I said “cause I’m dying just to know your name”. After your classes will you fare in our studio? Lou said that.
And I accepted. Harry was Margaret’s friend at that time! When we wanted to say bye-bye, he put my hair behind my ear. After my classes I went to the studio. I was listening to his gracious voice. “Who is your favorite singer?” He asked me out. “I always love Celine Dion. From my childhood until now.” I answered him with a kind smile. Suddenly his face changed when he heard that. I believed he recognized that my favorite singer is Celine and he was only acting as a part.
What a wonderful chance to win! This week Celine Dion had concert in here. A great concert. I constantly knew that her tickets are real expensive. Even more than others. Because she is a great singer!! “Oh! My God! I cannot believe it. I hold two tickets for this week. I need someone to accompany me. Would you please come?” Lou said it. He took out two tags from his suitcase. I really shocked and I wanted to cry!!! But actually I didn’t do that! The second role! It was really near to the stage. I told him that these tickets are very expensive. Only he didn’t pay attention to that at all. I embraced him so close in my arms. While my hands were about his neck I stared at his blue optics. Suddenly he left me and moved me in the air. He didn’t know that how much made me happy!! All of the guys were looking at Lou and I and also they were excited. 

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