Romantic Oneshots

Here's some of my many oneshots! Of course,I'll post them here..but as well on deviantart. So I hope you like it better than the old ones I made (though I still like the Jack Frost one a little...)


6. Thor X Reader (Cosplay)

Thor x Reader: Cosplay

You looked through your iPad (iPhone,if you prefer)for a decent superhero or villain to cosplay. You just didn't fit ANYWHERE! Superman? No,you were too scrawny. Riddler? Cute,but you looked nothing like him. Even as a GENDERBENDED version. "AGH!,"you exclaimed,while hanging upside down off the couch.

"Does something trouble you, Miss _______?,"Thor asked,sipping more coffee.

"Nothing,"you sighed,then grumbled,"except I'm ugly and look nothing like any decent fictional person"

"Miss _______,"he said firmly, putting down the mug. "Did I just hear you label yourself as unattractive?"

"Even worse,"you scoffed.

"_______,"he said. "You need not say that,for you are the utter most beautiful thing I've seen. All heroes don't look nearly attractive as you nor act as modest or kind or even HEROIC as you!"

You blushed. "Thanks...Thor,"you said. "But I still can't find anyone to cosplay."

"Tell me,"he said. "What does 'cosplay' mean?"

You blinked. "I were talking about it just now."

"Nay,"he said. "I haven't even heard the word from Tony."

You chuckled,then remembered what was going on. "Then what you just said..,"your voice trailed off,realizing what he just did.

"I was confessing,"he admitted. "It was ARE more beautiful being out of all the nine realms." He stood up,sat next to you,and brought your face closer to his. "And I love it"

You leaned closer slowly,but he sped things up a little.


"So...,"Thor said to you after a few minutes if cuddling. "What was this 'cosplay' you spokes out earlier. Is it a type of game?"

"In a way,"you shrugged. "It's where you dress up as a fictional character,superhero,etcetera."

"Ah..,"he said,then grinned like a little puppy. "I shall be right back, _______. I will get your cosplay outfit!"

"Yuh oh....,"you muttered.


"I have arrived!,"he came back with an outfit identical to his,though it was smaller and your size.

"Wow,Thor...,"you stood,holding he outfit,amazed. " more accurate than most costumes of you!"

"Well,of course it is!,"Thor said. "That was mine when I was a teenager!"

"Wow..,"you looked even more surprised.

He chuckled. "Now...,"he said. "What do I get for such a heroic deed?"

You giggled as you stretched up to reach his nose. As you closed your eyes,you felt soft lips locked with yours instead.

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