Romantic Oneshots

Here's some of my many oneshots! Of course,I'll post them here..but as well on deviantart. So I hope you like it better than the old ones I made (though I still like the Jack Frost one a little...)


1. Nightcrawler X Reader:Breakout

Nightcrawler x Reader:Breakout
Beep! Beep! Beep!
'Alarms,'you thought,slamming the top of your digital watch. 'Who invented them?' You wanted to stay in bed for about five more minutes,considering you were practically nocturnal the whole summer,but today was your first day at Bayville High. You didn't want to miss out just because you had a big,lazy butt. 

After you got ready,you rode your bike to school, it was an old bike, but it worked pretty 
well...most of the time. You normally had to change the air in the wheels,but you had absolutely no time. Instead,you rode the slow bike in the fast lane (pun intended). 

Soon,one wheel exploded. "What a surprise,"you blew some (y/h/c) hair out of your face. You got off the bike,kicked it,then started walking as the clouds gathered. And we ALL knew what that meant:rain. "Even more perfect,"you said,sarcastically. 

Suddenly,someone honked a car horn. "Need a ride?,"he asked. He was wearing a grey shirt with jeans and,to your surprise,he wore sunglasses. You brightened up anyways and hopped in next to a redhead and a guy with blue-ish/black-ish hair. "Thanks,"you thanked the driver. "You going to Bayville high?" He laughed,"Its where all of US are going." You blinked. You very well knew what "us" meant..but did that mean-- "We're mutants too,"the redhead explained. You smiled,silently thanking for the explanation,as well as their scientific label. 

~~~~:Time Skip:~~~~

"NO!,"your mother argued,slamming the coffee table. "WE FORBID (y/n) FROM JOINING THST WRETCHED SCHOOL! SHE MUST BE TAUGHT WELL TO NEVER USE THOSE TERRIBLE POWERS OF HERS!!!" The team looked mortified,as well as your dad. You and your father very well knew that your mother DESPISED you and your "terrible powers".   All YOUR powers were to camouflage! No,it isn't invisibility. You had to keep your eyes closed,or whatever you're hiding from could see those (y/e/c),sparkly eyes. AND you could telepathically communicate with any natural being,even plants!

"Mrs. (y/l/n),"the old man in the wheelchair who labelled himself as: Professor X assured your mother,although it was worthless. "We WILL keep her safe and she will still be attening--" "NO!,"your mother yelled,yet again, "NOW GET OUTTA HERE,FREAKS! OR IM CALLING THE MRD!" Little did you  know,but the MRD was REALLY against mutants,especially the Brotherhood. So the mutants left,with the blue one,Nightcrawler,waving to you sadly. 

Now in your bed,you look at the stars you painted. You've always thought:if stars were not manmade,then that would consider it natural. So,you could communicate with stars! As a little girl,you tried to communicate with stars,but they never replied. "They'll NEVER understand me!,"your five-year-old self yelled to the sky. Then,your head turned towards the moon and you heard the word: "Unless" 

"Unless what?,"you asked the moon,walking towards your window. "I'm never going to have a good life. Living with the X Men..I'm DESTINED to go! But my mother wouldn't--,"you heard a poof right behind you as someone from behind touched you. "EEP!,"you yelled as you camouflaged yourself and turned around,eyes open,to find Nightcrawler. You sighed,turned back to normal,and said,"Thank God it's only--,"then you twitched."What are you doing here?!"

The blue,furry boy laughed. "It is only me,"he smiled,showing off those pearly white canine teeth. "Nightcrawler!" "I know,"you said steadily. "But WHY are you here?" He giggled. "To pick ze chameleon of course!,"his German accent picking up. "But,"you grabbed your arm. "My ma won't let me" He looked at you in an understanding way;not like those stars,like the moon. "I know how it is,"he said. "But you CAN go. Like you zed,it IZ your zestiny!,"he smiled even more encouragingly. You smiled back,then began to say,"But..what about my dad? I don't wanna leave him like this..he's gonna--,"but he put a finger to your pink lips as he said "Your Professor haz telepathically spoken with zour father. It Iz alright." 

As soon as you got your bags,he touched them,and your hand,and teleported into this beautiful mansion you now call:Home.


Alright,here's he first oneshot,and it was pretty sad (and not romantically. I mean it sucked -.-) I wanna write something like a Leo oneshot...yeah,that sounds awesome...but what kind? Leave it in the comments below!

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