Romantic Oneshots

Here's some of my many oneshots! Of course,I'll post them here..but as well on deviantart. So I hope you like it better than the old ones I made (though I still like the Jack Frost one a little...)


2. Beast X Reader:Mechanical Romance

Beast x Reader:Mechanical Romance
"Now just one more wire...,"you said,attaching the red,electric rope to another part of the machine. Your parents signed you up for a robotics class called "Mathobotix"(real place). It was a nice place,with really nice people,like a girl named Kristi, and just one mean person:Courtney(based off MasterChef). But she really didn't matter;everyone else was nice. 

"Need any help?,"someone asked from behind. Startled,you turned to find a boy about your age with glasses. "S-sorry,"he stuttered. "I didn't mean to s-scare you." You blinked,thinking you KNEW that voice. "It's fine,"you said. "But I think I COULD use a teensy bit of help." The boy brightened up and fixed his glasses. "With what?,"he asked patiently,studying your machine. "Oh,it has NOTHING to do with the machine,"you said. "I just wanna know your name." He looked at you puzzled for a second,then said,"Hank." You smiled. "And full name?,"you asked,wanting to hear more. "Henry Hank McCoy." You looked down at his feet. "Can you take off a shoe?" 

He immediately gave you a shocked look,wondering how on earth you knew about...IT. "How...,"he began to ask,but you gave a reassuring smile. "So you want it to be private,I get it,"you said. "But I won't tell anyone." He looked around. "I could trust you, (y/n),"he said. "But the people here...they'd take me to the MRD!" You smirked,got out your butterfly hair clip,which stirred a bit,then flew to your head. You held out both hands,then everything stopped moving,even the wind! And the clock..stood still. He smiled,impressed with opyour powers,then took off a shoe,revealing a monkey-ish foot. 

You've always been a fan of the X Men,especially Beast,so you knew each of their Backstories. Wolverine came from WeaponX and teamed up with Alpha Flight. Havok had anger problems,then became one of the very first XMen,along with the Professor. You've always known they were real,considering you had a magical hair clip. But...why was he so young?

"Wow...,"you said,in awe. "It really is you." He smiled. "Yeah..dunno why they got my age wrong..or HOW they came up with me before I was even born...but I just say that my parents really liked x men and they named me after one when someone asks...but I wouldn't ypthink someone like YOU would buy it." You two had gone through a bit of an awkward silence,then suddenly laughed. You knew that you and Hank would be friends,due to  the fact that  when Courtney has purposely broke your machine again,he defended you...long ending,but I have to stay specific!


ok,so this one had a sense of decency in it,of ya know what I mean ;) I know I already did an X Men,but trust me, the next one will be as good as the Jack Frost one ;)

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