Believe Me

About the power of fortune-telling.


1. Believe Me


‘Believe me’ I whisper,
My hand outstretched wide,
My intricate fingerprints,
Waves, tide after tide.


‘Believe me’ I hiss,
As my mind throbs with pain,
As I seek for the future,
Again and again.


‘Watch me’ I pray,
As I take one more hand,
Tracing its features,
Escaping to another land.


‘Watch me’ I insist,
Whilst my mind whirs with thought,
As I announce your destiny,
The future you bought.


‘Surprise me’ you say,
When you think I know nothing,
When you think I’m pretending,
When you think I’m worth hushing.


‘Funny’ you laugh,
When I tell you you’re smiling,
When I tell you you’re breathing,
When I tell you you’re dying.


But nothing you say,
When you realise I know it,
Years later you’re falling,
Years later you recall it.


‘Forgive me’ you scream,
When you see your last hour,
But you chose to forget me,
You resisted my hidden power.


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