Dark Powers

WARNING - Before reading, bare in mind this has got a few swear words in it, that is why it is a Yellow Rating... You have been warned!

A poem based on a secret power within unleashed upon those who are powerless. Evil forces and curses enraged within a black hearted indevidual. When these powers show, you've got to go! This individual I am refuring to is King Sombra, ruler of the Crystal Empire. He is my favourite pony on My Little Pony, so this is basically a Fan Fiction as well as a Poem, and it also sounds like a Rap as well!

This poem has been written for the competition 'Hidden Powers - A Fantasy Competition'.


1. Dark Powers


Oh what dark powers I do hold, to leave this land I have been told.

But I have to be bold, because these crystals are better than gold.

The crystal ponies I shall enslave, nobody tells me the way to behave.

I am a ruler, a king, a horse to look up too, ain't nobody more powerful than me, not even you!

You may not look up to me, that is true, but I shall make your life so blue!

Once I rize again you'll be stuck like glue, you have no idea what I've been through!

You'd better run, the shadows are coming, the screams so loud around you, your ears keep humming.


I shall make all my slave, stand up to me, HAH! You'd have to be very brave!

So hold onto your freedom while it's still there, you can plead all you like, but I don't care!

Just look into my green icy stare, you ask me to play nice, but I've never been fair.

The Crystal heart is mine forever, you think you can get it back, HAH! Never!

When I wear this armour I am strong, all I wanna do in life is wrong.

People say I don't have a heart, but with a heart, how could terror start?!

I love to make ponies see true fear, I'm a bad assed pony, don't you hear!

You will know it when I'm closing in, don't bother fighting it, you will never win.


Slowly my mind gets into yours, you will do whatever I want, forgetting all laws.

I will control your mind, and eat your soul, taking over Equestria is my main goal.

It's been that way since I was a foal, without my powers, I may as well die in a hole!

I may have been good once before, but that was such a big f**king bore!

From the day I was cursed I then swore, that upon the Crystal Empire I shall unleash war.

I shall stand tall, strong, and proud, my raging roar is awefully loud.

I have the body of a horse, but the strength of an ox, the land of Equestria is nothing but rocks!


You may think I'm just pure evil, and a piece of trash, but the fillies adore me, I've got the cash.

I'm a king, have an entire empire to rule, anyone who doesn't love me is merely a fool.

Princess Luna doesn't know what the hell shes missing, after all, it could have been her I'm kissing!

I've got a palace made of crystals bitch, what about you?! I bet you wish you'd never said we were through!

The ponies still fear me, even in banishment, and so they should, after all, I've never truley been good.

Always into dark magic, and ruling the land, try to over throw me! I'll bury you in the sand.

But if your lucky to rule by my side, together we would be able to ride the tide.


I can change a mere shadow into any form, the black clouds closing in like a deadly swarm.

When I'm a coming you ain't got a chance, the green in my raging eyes will only enhance!

You'd better watch out! I'll put you in a trance, as it will only take a single glance.

My metal hooves clanking along the floor, my battle cry representing war.

You'll know when I'm coming because you won't get away, theres no point in hiding, you might as well stay.

I'm a horse of the night, shadows are my friends, I'm sorry dear pony, but this is where it ends!

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