Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


6. can't help falling in love~ 6

*two weeks later*

I have been spending a lot of time with both sam and Logan and I still can't figure out who I like more I know stupid right I mean Logan cheated on me and stuff but that's my fault to because I didn't even try really and I did keep Sam a secret and kissed him so yeah and Sam has done nothing but be here for me proving to me he is the one so who do I take Logan or sam?

"Hey Sam" "hey beautiful" "I have a name" "I know Chantal but I like calling you beautiful" "okay than" "an nice outfit" "thanks" I'm wearing a white crop-tank-top with white short shorts and converse, my hair is brushed and straightened but still a little frizzy. Sam is wearing a white tank top that says love on it and some tan sort of baggy skinny jeans with his hair like normal. "So were are we hanging out today" "whoever you want" "well Marie and Charlie are throwing a party if you want to come" "id love to come" "okay just remember my friends are really weird" "that's okay" "okay" we headed out the ice cream store with out ice cream than headed to my car to go to Marie's house(her parties last from like 4pm to 3am) when we got there it wasn't really that crowded "hey Chantal over here" Anna yelled "hey" I yelled back as I took Sam's hand and we both walked over to her Charlie Logan and Marie "Marie Charlie Anna Logan this is Sam. Sam this is Marie Charlie Anna and Logan" "nice to meet you all" "nice to meet you too" they all said expect Logan. I knew this probably wouldn't be good why'd I invite him?

After a couple hours the place was packed with people an load music Anna and Logan were over dancing even though he kept staring at me and Marie and Charlie were dancing while kissing every now and than while me and Sam were dancing too "Chantal what's the thing with Logan" "oh I forgot to tell you he's kind of my ex" "oh" "it's fine Sam totally fine I mean me and him an Anna and Marie and Charlie have been friends since the 8th grade well me and Marie have been since I could remember but whatever" "oh so it's not that big a deal or" "well yeah it's awkward sometimes but not really I mean it wasn't like an actual relationship anyway we never spent time with eachother or really talked and than after the concert a couple days after we kissed I found out he had been cheating on my the hole time so yeah" "oh I'm sorry" "it's fine Sam you don't have to keep doing that" "well I just feel bad" "well don't just try to forget it and have fun" "okay I can do that" after a few dances we decided to sit on one of the couches "so you an him are totally over" "yeah I don't think well be getting back together like ever" why'd I say that what's going on with me today "well than can I do this" he said taking a peace of my hair out of my face than kissing my lips it was amazing I felt so many butterflies and fireworks and my mind went blank and I felt safe. That was till I heard a click and saw a flash I stopped our kiss and saw Marie with my phone "I took a picture for you two, your welcome" "haha thank you" "so does this make you two an official couple I mean it's probably not the best date what you two have been on plenty of dates already I mean you both hangout and go on dates all the time and even kissed a couple times so you already were a couple it's just that it wasn't official yet so-" "OMG YES MARIE WE ARE OFFICIALLY A COUPLE NOW... NOW CAN YOU SHUT UP" "fine cranky pants" "I'm not crank you just know I get anoyyed when people do that" "I know that's why I did it plus it always makes you admit things faster" "oh wow" "your welcome again" than she walked off to go back with Charlie I put my phone an put it back into my back pocket and made sure it was fully into the pocket so it doesn't fall out again. The rest of the night was just me and Sam, we decided to leave early because there was to many people and the music was getting loader and loader so we left and went back to my house went up into my room I shut the door and locked it than we just cuddled and watched tv the rest of the night.

I woke up took a quick shower got dressed did my hair and a little bit of makeup than went to see if Sam was awake but he wasn't there but I did see a note. good morning beautiful I'm sorry I'm not here when you get out the shower but I didn't want to bother you and I didn't want you parents to freak out because I'm here when they wake up but I'll text you. Aweh how sweet but he didn't have to worry my parents won't mind I mean Charlie and Logan are guys an they stay the night all the time well along with Marie and Anna but still there guys spending the night I'm pretty sure they'd be fine with Sam *ding* I checked my phone and got a message from Anna 'call me now' okay I wonder what this is about. So I called her..

Hey what's up

You have go get over to Logan's house now

Why what happened

After the party I drove him home because he was super drunk so when he got home he told me about everything you two said to eachother and than he went on and on about how much he misses you and he made a mistake and he loves you and stuff than next thing I know he injures himself like super bad

Oh god okay I'll be right there but you do know me and Sam are together right

Yeah yeah I know you and Sam

Wow you don't seem to happy about it

I mean not really like I know Logan was a total ass and stuff but he doesn't normally say that type of stuff drunk or not especially crying he holds it in all the time

Okay than I'll be over there as soon as I can but it doesn't mean anything okay

Yeah I know

Okay bye


I grabbed my keys and drove over to Logan's house. When I got there he was laying on his bed looking really bad so I went and sat next to him and grabbed his hand "hey there" "hey" "Anna told me everything" "I know I'm so sorry I didn't mean to really" "it's fine Logan I don't care what I do care about is you getting better" "that's kind of hard to do considering you chose him" "really not now another time but not now Logan okay" "okay fine" "you know if your going to be this way I can just leave" "no please stay" "fine but only for a little while". After a while things started to get boring *ring ring ring* "hold on Logan" "okay" I walked over to Logan's dresser where my phone was and it is Sam so I picked it up and answered it


Hey beautiful get my note this morning

Yeah I did you know you don't have to do that I mean Logan an Charlie stay over all the time along with Anna an Marie I'm pretty sure there not gonna have a problem with you staying

Oh.... okay than for now on I'll just have to stay and cuddle you forever

I'd like that a lot

So what are you doing

I'm at Logan's house he hurt himself last night so I'm just here for him as a friend

Of that's cool I hope he gets better

No you don't your just saying that

Yeah I know I don't really like him I feel like he's going to take you away from me

He's not I promise

Okay well I'll let you get back to your friends I'll talk to you later

Okay talk later

Bye beautiful

Bye Sam

"Of course it was Sam" "Logan really don't start again" "well I don't get it I was here first always have been than he comes along and things get weird and ruined" "well you acting like a stupid ass isn't going to make things better atleast he's trying to be the better person" "because he knows you'll fall for him" "oh my god Logan really. One he knows just as much an you Anna Charlie and Marie know because this past month and a half I have told him literally EVERYTHING and he has done the same with me we trust eachother and we really do care about eachother, and two he is trying to be the better person because he knows I don't want drama and it doesn't matter if I fall for him or not it's my choice who I want to be with not yours" "oh that's great Chantal just great what's next your going to have sex with him and end up getting pregnant" my mouth formed and "O" shape and I got super angry he's meet said anything like that to me atleast not in a real way "I'm so sorry Chantal please don't leave I'll do anything just don't leave" "no I'm done with your sorrys and I'm done with you being an ass to me and Sam. I'm leaving and I'm not coming back till you learn to stop being an ass" I grabbed my stuff and left. I drove over to Sam's house when I got there I knocked on the door and waited for a while when he answered the door I started to cry from all the drama that has been going on and the fact that Logan one of my best friends has totally changed. Sam wrapped his arms around me and held me tight taking me into the house closing the door and taking me up to his room "please stop crying an try to tell me what happened" he said lifting my chin up and whipping my tears away "l-Logan has t-totally changed" "oh I get it I have a younger sister I know what that means... What did he say to really set you off" "he said that the fact that I've fallen for you and choose you instead of him than the next thing he knows I'll be having sex with you and popping out your babies and he kept yelling at me and saying how dumb I am for not choosing him and stuff" "he's the stupid dumb one, just because he's jealous and upset doesn't mean he has to do that to you. He's a total moron for that. As far as I'm concerned your the most beautiful, talented, smartest, sweetest girl in the world and I'm happy you choose me an since you choose me I will do everything in my power to make sure you are the most happiest girl on the planet and I would never treat you that way. An I'm not planing on doing any of that stuff till your ready to or till I'm married to you first" I didn't know what to say to all this no guy has every said that to me or treats me the way Sam does. maybe Sam really is 'THE ONE' I feel like I can do anything with him and I feel so safe with him he makes me feel special and I love that I've never felt this way before about anyone an it scares me a lot but I also really like it. "Well say something or do something please" "I love you" oh fuck I ruined everything I should probably just leave now before it gets worse I went to get up and leave but than Sam grabbed me put both his hands around my waist held me tight and kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to tangle my hands in his hair after a minute or so we both let go and he looked into my eyes as I looked into his beautiful ones "I love you too" double the butterlfies and the fireworks and the not thinking an the feeling safe thing I felt like I could be a damn bird right now. I started to kiss all over again this time me laying on his bed and him hovering over me and even a few times we both laughed or smiled into it "Sam is that you" someone called out than me and Sam stopped "yeah mom I'll be down in a second" "want to come meet my family" he said taking my hand "id love to I said standing up than we both walked down stairs and into the kitchen to see his mother father and younger sister that looked around 14 years old "oh who's this Sam" his father asked looking at me than his little sister an mother looked at me too "mom dad Elisabeth this is Chantal my girlfriend" "so this is the famous Chantal we have been hearing about" his father said with a smile "she is beautiful Sam" his mother said next "thank you Ms. Carson" "oh call me Lisa darling" she said taking me in for a hug which I returned back "oh okay Lisa" "Elisabeth come say hi" Sam's father said and he have me a hug too "you may call me jack" "okay jack" "Elisabeth come say hi" "oh it's okay she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to I'm fine with it, I was that way to at her age" "see mom I told you it's normal" "well you can atleast be somewhat nice" she came up to me and suddenly gave me a hug "were gonna be bestfriends" I smiled "I'd like that and maybe I'll buy you some presents every now and than if you be good for your mom and dad" "deal" than she ran off upstairs "wow she's not normally like that with people she must see something in you just like Sam does" "well thank you" than I checked the time and it's 1pm "well I should be getting home now but thanks for having me" "oh no darling you must stay for dinner" "pleaseeee" Sam said making a puppy dog face and I laughed "okay I'll stay" "yay" he says hugging me and his mother 'Aweh' us "well you two go have fun I'll call you down when diner is done "well i could help you if you need any" "oh no dear go have fun I'm fine" "you sure I mean I can help" "yes I'm sure I'll be fine I have jack to help anyway now you to go have fun" Sam picked me up and put me on his back than ran up the stairs to his room than threw me on the bed and I started to laugh but I started to laugh more when he started to tickle me "OMG my g-gosh s-Sam stop it" "not till you tell me to kiss you" "k-kiss me" I said trying to stop my laughing an with that he stopped tickling me and our lips met again after a couple more kisses and laughs Elisabeth came in "hey" "hi can I hangout with you and Sam" "of course I was actually just about to put music on and dance if you want to join" "ID LOVE TOO" she yelled as she ran and turned the music on than started to dance an I danced with along with Sam. After a couple songs it was dinner time so we turned off the music and ran downstairs to the table "wow ms. I mean Lisa this looks amazing" "thank you Chantal" after we all set our plats we eat I tried to control me appetite but I couldn't help it I'm a girl who loves her food "wow she really likes your cooking mom" I whipped my mouth and realized I'm not at home "oh I'm so sorry Lisa I didn't mean to set a bad example or anything" "no it's totally fine I'm really glad you like my cooking and I was that way to when I was your age I get it so eat up as much as you want" "a girl that is beautiful classy and loves to eat Sam you better keep her" his father said "I plan on it dad" Sam said with the biggest mor cutest smile. After dinner and hours of getting to know his family and his family getting to know me I had to go home "well come over again soon okay darling" "I will" I said hugging Lisa "yeah we need more girls in this house" Elisabeth said "see you soon Chantal it was nice meeting you" "you too jack.. Thanks so much for having me" "any time" Lisa said "well bye" Sam walked me to my car "I'll see you tomorrow" he asked putting his hands in his pockets so I got on my tiptoes and pecked his lips "of course Sam" "okay, it's looks like my family really likes you" "yeah I like them too" "well goodnight I love you" "goodnight Sam I love you too" than we kissed again than I got into my car and went home.

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