Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


3. can't help falling in love~ 3

"Hey beautiful" "hey handsome" I gave Sam a kiss on the lips an he held me by my waist than pulled me in closer to him wrapping me in his arms an I wrapped my arms around his neck. It was so magical an when I thought things couldn't get any better it did "Chantal I know you are leaving soon an we haven't been together long but I wanna ask you something" than he nelt down. Oh my gosh is he really...

"Chantal wake up".... "WAKE UP" someone yelled. Crap that was all a dream. I fell off my bed an hit my head "ouch" "sorry Chantal" Marie said. Of course it was Marie of all people to do that she always does when I don't listen to her. "Well what is it Marie" "well Anna Charlie and Anna's new guy friend went home really early this morning they walked home cause they didn't want to wake you but I need a ride to Charlie's house" "just take my keys than give them back when your done" "oh okay thanks sis" "welcome" "oh by the way Logan is still here he is in the shower" "okay Marie you can go now" "okay don't do anything I wouldn't do" "oh trust me nothing will happen here" than she took off so I was left alone I went into my phone to see I got a text

From~ Sam

Hey beautiful how's your morning

From~ Chantal

Hey Sam am not so good I hit my head really bad because my friend Marie yelled in my ear making me fall off and hit my head

From~ Sam

Oh I'm sorry beautiful wish I was there to make it better

Oh my gawwwwwwdddddd (:

From~ Chantal

It's okay an thanks Sam

"Hey babe who you texting" Logan said coming out the bathroom with no shirt on but the rest of his clothes "just some of the girls I do ballet with" I lied

From~ Sam

Well I gotta go but hopefully I'll see you soon

From~ Chantal

Yeah I gotta go too an maybe you will maybe you won't

From~ Sam

Oh I bet I'll see you soon (;

"Babe do you wanna go out today" "umm actually I was just thinking of staying here today an watching movies" "well okay i just see you later than" what the is this really what a relationship is like? "Umm okay than bye" "bye" than he kissed my cheek put on a shirt fixed his hair than left. I got up put on a pair of jeans my Jordan's than a tank top an my varsity jacket I brushed my hair put lipgloss blush and mascara on grabbed m phone and put it into my pocket grabbed my keys an headed downstairs out the door into my car started my car than started to drive off I drove over to my ballet studio I grabbed my point shoes leggings an jacket I keep in my trunk that's in my doufle bag for whenever I go to do some more ballet. I walked into the studio singed in went to the bathroom changed my clothes than walked into one of the empty rooms put my point shoes on than plugged my phone in put on my music an started to dance. I danced till 10am than I put my point shoes in the bag than put on my Jordan's and danced to hip-hop, R&B, and rap music an I did that for another hour so when I was done I went to the locker room took a shower than put on my jeans again an my tank top and my varsity jacket than my Jordan's I signed out and headed back to my car I put my doufle bag back into the trunk than got into the front seat started my car and as I was about to drive buzz buzz I picked up my phone and it was a text.

From~ Sam

Hey beautiful you do some good dancing (; by the way can we hangout tonight?

From~ Chantal

Hey 1 how do you know that 2 thanks and 3 sure I don't think I'm doing anything so yeah (:

From~ Sam

Okay beautiful how about my place at 6 I'll text you my address later

From~ Chantal

Okay 6 it is see ya later

I put my phone down and drove home. When I got home I went up to my room and watched tv for a while but when I looked at the clock it was 5pm so I got up brushed my hair again redid my makeup than I put on some shorts with a crop top I put on my Jordan's than by the time I was done it was 5:30pm I got a text from Sam with his address so I grabbed my phone and keys than headed out.

When I got to Sam's house I got out the car and over to the door before I could knock he opened it an he was wearing sweatpants and a tank top "hey there beautiful come in and you look amazing" "thank you Sam" I could feel myself blushing we went over to the living room where there was a hole table full of movies and snacks "I thought we could get cozy and watch some movies an talk and get to know eachother better" oh my gosh he is perfect "that sounds nice but I don't have comfy clothes on" "it's okay you can borrow mine if you want" yes totally "sure that's fine" he went upstairs for a little bit than came back down with matching sweatpants and a t-shirt "here you go the bathroom is just down the hall on your left" "okay thanks" I went to the bathroom and changed into his clothes when I was done I went back to the living room and put my clothes on the other couch "hey what movie do you want to-" what is there something wrong "what" "oh umm nothing just umm... What movie do you want to watch" I looked at the movies "can we watch I know what you did last summer than the second one after" I kind of have a thing for scary movies and Disney movies but mostly scary movies "sure you sit down I'll put this in" "okay" I sat down on the couch while Sam put the movie in after the trailers he pressed play than came and sat next to me "so Chantal tell me everything there is to know about you" "okay but you better tell me everything there is to know about you too" "I promise" "okay well I'm 17 I just graduated and I am going to Cambridge in London after the summer, I do ballet, I have a little sister that's 6, I have four bestfriends Anna Marie Charlie and Logan, an yeah that's pretty much me" "wow your easy" "yeah not really it sounds easy but when you get into the circle you start to see why most people stay out" "haha funny well you don't have to worry about me leaving" Aweh how sweet "okay now tell me about you than Sam" "well I'm 19 I go to collage out here an we are currently on break because summer, I have two younger brothers and a little sister they are 14..9.. And 4, I have 2 bestfriends, I am a huge skateboarder I absolutely love skateboarding, and yeah that's pretty much me" "well that's cool" "yeah.. So umm what's the thing with you and that Logan guy" "oh Logan he is actually one of my bestfriends the only reason why he thinks me and him are dating is because he kissed me than all my other bestfriends started saying how cute we are and how we make a cute couple but really we aren't dating at all" I kind of lied "oh so does that mean it's okay for me to do this" an with that his soft lips were on mine. Our lips started to move perfectly in sync an this time I felt not just a spark but I also felt fireworks and sparks and fire, he grabbed me by the waist an slid me down so I was laying on my back an he was hovering over me with his hands still on my waist we had been kissing for what seemed like forever but it was actually only 3 minutes. He let go and slowly got back up so I got back up to than we continued watching the movie.

I woke up but on someone's chest I looked up and I was on top of Sam we both must of fallen asleep I slowly got up grabbed my clothes shoes phone and keys and ran to my car I started my car and drove off when I was far enough I parked in a parking lot I looked at myself and I was still wearing his clothes and they had his smell on them. oh the amazing smell of peppermint. I grabbed my clothes and changed into them in the backseat when I was done I put his clothes into the passenger seat than got back into the driver seat I checked my phone and I had 50 missed calls and text messages all from Marie Charlie Anna Logan and my mom. I put my phone down and started to drive home when I got there I picked up Sam's clothes that I wore last night my phone and keys I got over to the door I unlocked it an before I could go and hid his clothes everyone was there coming at me with questions.

Anna~ where have you been

Charlie~ we were worried sick about you

Marie~ wen I came home you weren't here I was scared don't do that again

Mom~ where were you and why didn't you answer me when I called and texted you know better young lady

Logan~ who's clothes are those

As soon as he said that everyone looked at them than back at me "well umm..." "Well umm what your lady spit it out now or your grounded" oh shit just tell them and get it over with "I was at my new friend sam's house we were hanging out watching movies all nigh an I guess I must of fallen asleep there" "YOU WHAT" Anna yelled so load "who is Sam" Logan Marie my mom and Charlie asked "Sam is a new friend of mine he asked if I wants to hangout so I -" "you went to another boys house" Logan my mom Marie and Charlie said "yes he is just a friend so calm down" "if he is just a friend why do you have his clothes" my mom said that's when Logan got super mad "you where wearing his clothes weren't you not only where you out with a guy I don't know but you spent the night there and was wearing his clothes that's it I'm going to wherever he lives and beating him up" "no Logan don't hurt Sam" "why not" I looked at everyone and they left so it was just me and Logan alone "look Logan you don't have to do this sam is just a friend" "sure he is" "what does that mean" "it means we started as friends than bestfriends and now we are dating that's not going to happen between you and some Sam okay" "Logan Sam is just a friend that's all nothing is going to happen trust me" lie there is something totally going on "okay fine" wow well that was easy "wait what" "I said fine" "but a minute ago you were -" "yeah I know it's just I don't want you to leave me for that guy" I don't know what to say "okie dokie" "we may have fights and stuff but nomatter what I will always want it to be you and me" "okay than" "ok" than he gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the forehead than left. Oh boy am I in trouble.

Later that day after all the fighting things went back to normal everyone was still bestfriends/family and everyone was happy. Anna Logan and Charlie went home but Marie stayed here instead of going to Charlie's again. Me and Marie were sitting in my room watching 'pretty little liars' when "so tell me all about Sam" "what" "I know something gotta be going on I have a strong feeling" "umm your crazy" "just like you, now tell me" I might as well or I'll never hear the end of it " "okay okay.. Well when I was at his place he were just hanging out like how me you Anna Charlie and Logan do but it was just me and him and we talked about some details about our life's than we sort of made out than -" "ahhhhh oh my gosh you two made out" "let me finish" "Okay" "like I was saying we sort if made out than we finished our movie than the next thing I know I wake up on his chest" "Aweh so cute.. Wait what does he look like and how old is he" "Sam is a but taller than me and a little bit taller than you two an he has amazing hazel eyes an brown hair that's freshly cut in the sides than goes up in a type of cuff but instead if a actual cuff it's spikes an he pretty strong looking and buff an he is just so sweet" "oooooooooohhhhh Chantal got herself a good one" "oh my gosh Marie" I laughed so hard "what he does sound pretty hot" "hey back off you got Charlie" "oh I know and he the best boyfriend I ever had.. I'm planning in keeping him forever.. Wait what are you going to do about Logan" "Aweh how cute... And I don't know yet I'm actually surprised your not mad at me" "yeah I know, an I'm not mad because I know you and Logan happened by accident I mean hello your like my sister I know you.. But are you and Sam a thing now" "I'm not sure and even if we are I don't think we are officially" "well I'm 100% sure he is going to stay" "an why do you think that" "umm hello your the best person alive he'd be stupid to let you go" "Aweh thanks Marie" "your welcome Chantal... Oh the shows back on" than we finished the rest of the show than fell asleep ready for the next day.

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