Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


14. can't help falling in love~ 14

I woke up and got dressed into some leggings a crop top than put my Jordan's on than put my varsity jacket on than brushed my hair than did my makeup than walked downstairs and had breakfast Sam came down moments later ready for the day too than after was Marie and Charlie "hey good morning everyone" I said with a smile "wow first your angry and almost death row now your smiling and happy" "shut up man" Sam said "okay you two don't fight" me and Marie almost said together. Sam Marie and Charlie finally sat down at the table with me and eat breakfast than we all started putting all our boxes in trucks for collage today, me and Sam are sharing a huge one because not only are we going to the Same collage but we are roommates than Marie has hers than Charlie has his. Marie is going to a collage not to far from Sam's than there is Charlie's that isn't that far from Marie's but farther than Sam's so were all sort of next to eachother but not really. After a couple hours of packing than we all decided to go to families house and do the normal teenage going to collage thing so all of is took our cars and visited different family first we all went to Charlie's than Marie's than Sam's now it's my family which I'm not ready for "hey calm down everything will be fine" Marie said "sure it will because they are so going to come up to me with open arms and except that I'm still with Sam and were engaged an I'm pregnant and not only that but I'm going to his collage and being his roommate" "well god when you think about it than it sucks but still don't think that way and no one can tell your pregnant your stomach isn't even big yet" than I looked at my stomach I mean it's big but not that big I mean it's only been a couple weeks to two and a half months somewhere around that area. When we got there Marie was right all my cousins my grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles.. All of them were there happy to see me and stuff. When I saw my mom she still looked a little broken so I slowly walked up to her "mom I'm-" than she hugged me with her famous bear hugs "don't you dare say your sorry I don't want to here it" "but I am sorry mom is disappointed you with everything I have done and I'm so sorry" "I am disappointed in you for not waiting till your married but it would have happened one day, and besides you did it with someone you truly love and will spend the rest of your life with remember what I told you at the beach house" "yeah mom I know you get it and you'll always be here for me nomatter what" "that's right and I meant it when I said it" than when I was done talking to my mom I got happily greater by my little sister "I've missed you sissy" "I've missed you too" "please don't leave" "I have to though I have to grow up and go to collage to get even more smart that way I can get a better job that pays me a lot of money so I can buy you more stuff" "well I like the more stuff part but im going to miss you" "I'm going to miss you too but you can always visit and I can always visit here than we can go big time shopping every time we visit eachother how about that" "please come visit all the time" "I will try" "no promise me" "I can't promise but I will give you my word that I will try to come visit all the time" "okay". Now time for dad and he still doesn't look happy so I walked up to him even more slowly than anyone else and I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I did and even Sam came up behind me and held me close to try and calm me down which didn't really help "hey dad" I said really quit "so I noticed that you have a ring on your hand" oh yeah I kept trying to hide it from everyone and it was working till he said that "I don't know what to say anymore.... I'm tired of hiding my love for Sam and I'm tired of fighting with you, I just wish you would except us being together" I guess everyone heard that even though I'm really quit because I heard Aweh's all around me an Sam. My dad still looked pretty pissed off but it is true I am tired of running and hiding my love for Sam and I'm tried of fighting with everyone about me and Sam's relationship I do wish people would except us. "Well since you've made up your mind without my permission and you've run away with him twice and you have been doing multiple other things since you two became a thing than..... You two have my blessing to get married" "dad I know that you don't like him but- wait what" I'm so shocked "you two have my blessing, you two can get married since you two have gone through all this for the past three months and you two are already engaged than you two must really love eachother and I except that but Sam if you ever hurt my daughter or don't treat we right I'm taking her back home" "thank you dad-" "I'm not done" "what now" "if you two don't last or you hurt my daughter than-" than he was cut off by someone else "you'll have to be with me" Logan said with a smirk on his face than everyone got shocked like really after all the things my hole family had done and everything they are shocked by all this bullshit "dad that's not fair and even if me and Sam don't last or god forbid something happens than I'm not going to be with Logan I'd rather be with a complete stanger or Charlie.. Not saying I want Charlie Marie I promise you that" "no I get what you are trying to say" she said in understanding this is why she is my sister/bestfriend we are like twins. "I don't care ether you take it or you two can't get married" "dad" "Chantal don't you dare dad me" "god I hate you" "okay than-" "fine I'll take it" than he got a smile "now welcome to the family Sam and come here Chantal give your dad a hug" "NO" "now Chantal" "NO... Sam were leaving come on" than we headed back to the car and Charlie and Marie were in there's and were off to collage. We all already did our goodbyes and stuff yesterday and this morning before we left. Before me and Sam were fully to the car than my dad grabbed me "Chantal your dad said to get over there and He meant it" "I SAID NO, NOW LET GO OF ME LOGAN" but his grip got tighter on me as he pulled me "SAM HELP" than before I knew it Logan's face hit the ground than Sam helped me into the car before I could fully say sorry to my family Sam got in on the other side than he started the car and left *ding*

From mom:

I'm so sorry honey :(

To mom:

It's fine mom and it's me that's sorry for all of that :(

From mom:

Well I should let you know that I don't approve of how your father has been acting since the summer so I'm getting a divorce from him and I'm taking your little sister with me

To mom:

I'm sad that you and dad are splitting up but at the same time I'm happy for you because I don't want or think that you or Rachel deserve to be around me an dad's relationship or part of it and with Rachel with you she won't ever have to deal with what I'm dealing with... In other words her life will be better.

From mom:

Thank you honey

And I hope to see you soon I mean I know you just left but I already miss you :'(

To mom:

I miss you too :'(

"Who's that beautiful" "my mom" "oh okay" "hold on turn this up" "okay why" "it's 5 seconds of summer" "it's funny how you listen to all this tuff even though your growing up and going to collage" "I'm 17 idiot remember" "yeah and in 19" "yeah she we have different likes and dislikes still" "I know" "yeah... Like me and my dad" "hey don't think about all that" "I can't help it everything that happened keeps replaying in my head" "well get over it" "how am I suppose to get over it he gave us his blessing under the condition that if we breakup or you hurt me than I have to be with Logan and I don't want that" "and your not going to have that because in here were never breaking up and I'm never going to hurt you I never have" "yes you have that one time" "well that was because I thought it was better for you" "well it wasn't and still isn't" "I know that". When we got to the collage then Sam and I started to being boxes inside our dorm room(mostly Sam did he was worried id hurt myself or the baby) after that Sam brought the truck back. As he was bringing the truck back I am making dinner, after a while I was done and Sam is now home so we eat dinner than we cleaned up got ready for bed an now were going to sleep.

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