Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


11. can't help falling in love~ 11

I woke up and took a shower than dressd up in a pair of shorts or shall I saw short shorts thanks a lot Marie for packing me short clothes than one of my sweaters and my vans I brushed my hair than did my makeup. "Good morning beautiful" "good morning Sam" "so I'm going to take a shower real quick than we can do whatever you want" "okay oh an sam" "yeah beautiful" "I love you and last night was amazing" "I love you too but was it better than the first time" "I don't know but I will tell you one thing you never forget your first time" "well duh" "okay im going to go eat" "okay" I gave him a kiss than headed downstairs to eat some breakfast and while I was eating breakfast Marie came down. "Good morning Marie" "good morning Chantal" before I could take another bit she asked me "so what's going on with you and Sean" "okay come here story time" than she sat down next to me eating some breakfast with me as I told her everything that's been going on "no way all that's been happening and you two are still together and in okay we need you give your dad and Logan an interfention" "I know right" "so you two rally did it twice already what happened to marriage" "one I said till I find the one or I'm engaged and married an I already found the one Sam and two yes once at my favorite place and twice last night" "your favorite place awwwh that just makes it more favorite and special and than wait what here last night" "yep" "well look who's gone bad now" "I'm not completely bad I still have my innocent side I've just gotten more life and stuff you know what I mean" "yeah I know what you mean" "hey beautiful" Sam said coming down the stairs and came and kissed my cheek "hey handsome" "oh Handsome I like it" "I knew you would" "so Marie where Charlie" "he's out running he gets up supper early" "oh okay" after all of us had breakfast and Charlie cleaned himself up we went outside an decided to take a walk to who knows where. We have been walking for an hour now and I saw a trail so we took it and it led us to a lake with a top connected to a tree Charlie ran to it grabbed into it and it went swinging than he let go and landed in the water "you idiot you got all your clothes wet" Marie said "no I didn't I took them off there over there" Charlie said as he pointed to he his so I went over to his stuff and room my clothes off too than ran and did the Sam as Charlie than next was Sam than Marie and since than we have been taking turns and having fun and played some games.

After a while we put our clothes back on and walked back when we got there Anna and Logan were upset at all four of us because we left without them but I knew there was more to everything when it came to Logan my dad is still super pissed my mom and little sister are fine they know how I am and they trust me and they know Sam is a good guy for me and that I'm happy with him. A couple hours later We all started to do fireworks and stuff currently I had a sparkler in my hand and Sam had one in his hand too "Sam Chantal I want to take a picture" Marie said so Sam grabbed me by my waist and held me close and kissed my lips and Marie took the picture "I love it I'm going to send it to you" "okay" and like she said she sent it to me I checked my phone and I loved the picture also it was perfect I posted it on my apps and said happy 4th of July to everyone than got back to being with Sam. After a while it was time to get going to sleep so me and Sam got ready and cuddled while watching tv quietly in my room than Marie and Charlie came in "can we come and hangout with you two Anna and Logan are still bieng asses" "of course you two can" "what about you Sam can we" "of course" so we are all sitting on the bed watching tv my cuddling with Sam and Marie cuddling with Charlie. "Oh yeah Chantal I forgot to tell you something today" "what is it Marie" she showed me her hand and there was a big diamond ring on her finger "oh my god Charlie did you propose to my sister" "yes I did" "when was this" "two days ago" "so the day before I got in an accident" "yes" "well why didn't you tell me sooner" "idk" "well I'm so happy for you" I said giving her a huge hug "really you are" "yes I mean how Long have you heard me talk about how you an Charlie are meant to be" "since me and Charlie first met" "see so why wouldn't I be happy for you" "makes sense" "duh".

**four days later**

We only have 2 weeks left till the end of summer an I still haven't told anyone that in going to the same collage as Sam but I guess they will find out when it comes to that day. I'm currently outside sitting on the dock with my feet in the water my hair down and I'm wearing a beautiful white flowing summer dress thinking about life and stuff when someone coming up to me and sits next to me "oh hey mom" "hey honey umm I found this in the trash at the house" she handed me the letters between me and Cambridge and Sam's collage "I'm so sorry mom I was going to tell to I really was I just didn't know how to" "honey calm down it's fine I get it" "you do" "yes I do your in love and you want to stay that way" "what" "not what I meant what I meant was that I was just like you at your age" "you were" "yes but sometimes I think your father forgets that or he just doesn't want you to make the same mistakes we did" "mom you've taught me everything I need to know my hole life I think I'll be fine" "I know I know" "than why does dad keep treating me like this" "your father is just going through a tough time right now but I know deep down he means well" "it doesn't seam like it he doesn't want me with Sam at all he tried to tear us apart mom" "just give your father some time than talk to him and everything will be fine I promise" "really" "yes now I'll go Sam is coming so il give you your privacy" "okay later mom" "later honey" she kissed my head than left and Sam came a sat next to me "hey beautiful" he said wrapping his arm around me and I rested me head on his shoulder "hey Sam" "what are you doing all the way out here alone" "just thinking" "what about" "everything" "that's a lot to think about" "yeah no kidding" "okay well than how about we go watch some tv an cuddle" "if love that" me and Sam got up and went back to the house we went into the living room and started watching some tv and cuddling when my dad came into the room "Sam I need you to get out I will no longer tolerant any of this not you and especially not you" "dad he's my boyfriend and my guest so he doesn't have to leave" "Chantal don't you dare argue with me right now" "no I will Sam is my boyfriend and I love him" "you don't love him you two have only been together for three months" "I don't care I love him and I'm staying with him" "no your not your going to Cambridge and he's staying here" "no I'm not and I no matter what you do I'm going to be with him wether you like it or not" "oh yeah you wanna bet and what do you mean your not going" uh oh "well ummm I forgot to mention" "you forgot to mention what" and everyone in the house came to see what was going on "well umm I kind if sent a letter to Sean's collage and they said I'm in so I told Cambridge I'm not going anymore" "why would you throw away your dream" "it's not my dream anymore... Mom help me out here please I'm tired of you standing there all quit help me for once" "wait you knew about all this" "I just found out because we left the house an I mean she's going into collage she's growing up I trust her to make her own choices" "she's 17 she can make her own choices" "yes I can dad and I did I choose Sam" "no you don't you are going to Cambridge" "no I'm not" than I ran out the house and ran as far and as fast as I could with someone running after me so I kept going faster and farther till they caught up with me and grabbed me and I started to fight free "Chantal calm down it's just me Chantal look at me" than Sam turned me around so I was now face to face with him than I kissed him than I hugged him "it's okay I'm here" "I want to leave" "your dad will take us apart" "not if we never stop" "Chantal I'm not going to do the to you" "I don't care" "look at me if you want to leave we will leave tonight we can go back and start packing our stuff than when everyone is asleep we will pack my truck than leave but we are not leaving forever" "okay we will leave tonight" than he picked me up and carried my bridal style back to the house by the time we got back to the beach house I was ready to go to sleep for a while so Sam carried me to our room and he cuddled me as I feel asleep.

*later that night*

Me and Sam had all our stuff in the trunk and backseat of his car so now I was giving Marie Charlie and my little sister a hug goodbye and wished Marie and Charlie lots and lots of luck and love than I got into Sam's car and we drove off "where do you want to go" "anywhere I don't care" "okay" it took a couple house to get somewhere "were are we Sam" "my collage dorm" "but won't you get into trouble for this" "no they don't care if there is a boy and girl living together in one room" "oh well I like them even more" we got done unpacking our stuff in Sam's dorm and now we are watching tv *ding*

From Marie:

Your dad woke up and went into your room to check on you and saw how you and Sam aren't there an nether is your stuff and he's super pissed and has police everywhere looking you for you he said how Sam kidnapped you

To Marie:

Thanks boo for telling me. And I can believe he lie like that he's never gone this far before.

From mare:

Your welcome boo. And Ikr!

"Who's that beautiful" "it's Marie she told me how my dad went to check on us probably to start something again and noticed where not there so he called the police and he also lied and said you kidnapped me" "well there not going to find us here for one and two you should probably turn your phone off for a while incase he tracts your phone" "oh yeah crap I forgot" so I turned my phone off and got back to cuddling with Sam.

**3 days later**

My dad and the police still haven't found us and my phone is still off so I just use Sam's phone to keep contact with Marie. I got up and walked into the kitchen and made some breakfast "hey beautiful" "hey handsome" "what are you making" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his head on my shoulder "eggs bacon and waffles" "yummy I'll help" after we were done cooking there was still some flour to use in the bowl to make more but before I could make more for tomorrow Sam poured some on my head "oh no you didn't" "oh yes I did" I picked some up off the floor and threw it at Sam's face "oh no you didn't" he said whipping his face "oh yes I did" than before I knew it we were having a flour war. "Your such a mess" "so are you" I added "yeah but I'm a guy" "so" "but guys are aloud to be messy" "so are girls just not for as long as guys" "than you should go clean up" "I am" I went up stairs and stripped down than hopped into the shower washing out my hair as cleaning off my body "mind if I join" Sam asked as he was fully naked and halfway in "yeah". First we were cleaning ourselfs than eachother an now we are making out Sam's hands go down to my butt and he lifts me up as we are still kissing he let's go and starts to suck and kiss on my weak spot leaving love bits/hickies on my neck "Sam" I moan "do it again I love it" "Sam" I moan again "I- need- you- now" I say between moans he lifts his head so he can look at me "really" "yes Sam" than with that he slowly puts himself into me. Every couple minutes he goes harder and a little bit faster soon both of us are moaning like crazy, we turn off the water and get out the shower and he carries me to the bed as he is still inside me once we are fully on the bed he begins again this time even more harder and a little bit more faster and both of us are moaning and almost screaming(well mainly me) as Sam's hands are grabbing onto my waist back and butt probably leaving marks with his hands as for me my hands are leaving nail marks up and down his back and every now and than I tangle my hands in his hair and he leaves love bits/hickies down my next mainly around my sweet spot area or on my sweet spot. After we both reach our points we both lay there on his bed gasping for air when we finally have enough breathe I wrap my body around his and lay my head on his chest as his hands wrap around my body "I love you Sam" "I love you to Chantal" than we fall asleep.

I wake up to nothing but lights and people around me and Sam "hey what's going on" "sorry ma'am but this man is a criminal" than I fully wake up and it's around 12 am and there are nothing but police around "what the hell one I'm naked don't you guys have manners and two Sam is not a criminal" "that's not what your father says" "are you kidding me my dad's a liar Sam didn't kidnap me if he did why would I make love to him and plus I was the one that decided to run away" "we get that your trying to protect him but you don't need to anymore" "god dammit I'm not it's all true" next thing I know a police man throws me a pair of my clothes and I quickly put them on so I'm fully clothed than he grabs me and I try to fight him "SAM HELP ME" Sam wakes up and rushes to my side taking the cop off me and he holds me close I grab the closest clothes of Sam's to him "here put this on "I'm gonna need backup here send backup" the one cop says once Sam is fully dressed we run to his car forgetting about out stuff(well we have our phones and keys but that's it) "Sam we have to leave we can't stay here" "okay let's go" before we could get into the car there are police everywhere "we can't outrun them Chantal well get into even more trouble or shot and I'm not risking that" "Sam I don't want them to tear us apart" "nether do us but there is nothin we can do" "yes there is" I grabbed Sam's face and kissed him in the most passionate way possible as he grabbed into my waist and held me close and tight to him I wrapped my arms around his neck than pulled him close and tight to me that way we can never be pulled apart "Chantal get over here now" I heard my dad yell of course he is here but I never said anything or let go I just stayed in the position with Sam and never left his lips for a split second. After a couple moments someone pulled us apart and hurt me in the process "dad why'd you do that why are you doing all of this" I looked back at Sam and he was already in handcuffs "SAM.. NO LET GO OF HIM" I tried to make them let go and I tried to fight them but the just shoved/pushed me off I got back up though and came face to face with Sam and kissed him one more time "I'll find a way Sam I promise" "I know you will and I'll find a way too I promise" before I could kiss him again my dad had me in his grip an I tried to get out "SAM" I kept yelling trying to get out of my dad's grip "LET MY GO" I yelled at my dad but by the time he let go Sam was gone I tried to run after him but they were to fast soon I feel to the ground crying and crying than I felt an arm on my shoulder I looked to see who it was " NO DONT TOUCH ME" "Chantal I'm doing what's best for you" "NO YOUR NOT YOU TOOK WHATS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME AWAY" "he's not good for you" "STOP TRYING TO CONTROL ME" "WELL WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT I WILL BECAUSE YOU ARE MY CHILD" I heard some people and cars come by but I didn't care to look to see who it was "I DONT CARE YOU CANT CONTROL ME FOREVER" "I WILL TILL YOUR MARRIED AND NO LONGER A VIRGIN" "WELL ISNT THAT GREAT NEWS BECAUSE IM NOT A FUCKING VIRGIN" than my dad slapped me when I got back up he looked like he regretted it and he should "Chantal I'm sorry I didn't mean to" "don't touch me or talk to me just stay out of my life I hate you" and with that I wen to turn around and run away but when I did I saw my mom, my little sister, Marie, Charlie, Anna, and Logan standing there. My mom looked heartbroken and my little sister looked grossed out like always which I thought was a little funny but my moms face made me regret saying it or even doing it I can't believe I made my mom look and feel that way Marie and Charlie were shocked but yet happy for me looks and Anna well she looked like what's going on and Logan looked more pissed off than ever "Marie can I ride with you please" "of course boo well go to your house pack your stuff and you can stay with me" and with that me and Marie and Charlie drove to my house and packed up ALL my clothes, perfumes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and everything else I need so all that was left was pictures and my empty dresser and my bed than we went to Marie's house and I unpacked ALL my stuff along with Marie and Charlie helping "looks like I'm living with you" "well that's even better" "yeah it is" "yup" after a while Charlie left so it was just me and Marie but I couldn't sleep because of how much I was crying Marie kept telling me everything she could possibly think of to make me feel better even tried to cuddle me and stuff but it didn't work so she just had Charlie come back over and had him try and by the time he cuddled me I stopped because it made me feel like Sam was here "she stopped crying" Marie said happily maybe when she acts like this I should have you come over and cuddle her "yeah it seems to help her feel better" "it's because Sam would hold me like this whenever I went to sleep or didn't feel good and was sad so it makes me feel like Sam is here with me" "Aweh how cute" Marie added "well if that's how it makes you feel better whenever you feel sad I'll come over and do this for you till we all figure out a way to get Sam out" "what do you mean we" I asked "me and Charlie want to help you" "Aweh thanks guys I love you both so much" "we love you too" they both said than I feel asleep.

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