What I Need

"You are the piece of me, I wish I didn't need."


2. Letting A Sale Go

I sat with my head firmly placed on the table in the cafe, I was right in the corner just in case anyone saw me. I just didn't feel like talking right now. Justin's confession last night just shook me up completely. I mean, his girlfriend is one of my best friends and he's cheated on her with my other best friend. How much more complicated can this get?

"Lauren, your Mum's on the warpath. You're meant to be at home doing this fitting or something." Dad walked in noticing me as I let out a tired groan.

"I'm sure whatever hideous creation she's-" I began as he pulled me up by the top of my arm.

"Home. Now." He was now dragging me through the cafe.

"Alright?" Justin asked noticed Dad pulling me.

"Yeah, I was pleased with that ad you done for me by the way." Dad stopped pulling and let me stand straight for a second.

"I was thinking, you could utilize my skills out in the Car Lot." He began.

"Well, when I want a hand I'll give you a shout?"

"No, not advertising... Sales..." Justin coughed.

"Justin, i've got a car to drop off... come and see me after that." Dad smiled pulling me out again.


"So, what'd you think?" Mum asked as Abi and I held long, purple dresses over us.

"Yeah... they're alright..." I began.

"They're a bit long..." Abi stared down at her feet.

"I did think that the neck line was gunna be a bit lower." I motioned my hands.

"You're bridesmaids, not pole dancers." Mum stared at me. "Anyway, I'm not being funny but everyone's gunna be looking at me..."

"Alright girls." I heard Justin's familiar voice behind me as I removed the dress.

"Hello, what are you doing here?" Mum asked as Dad sat down opposite her.

"Oh, I'm interviewing him for a job."

"Oh well, he'll be a natural." Mum smiled.

"Yeah, he's got a big enough gob." Dad immediately chuckled.

"That and lying." I growled.

"What you talking about? There's no lying involved." Dad turned around and picked up one of Oscars toy cars. "Right, show me what you can do."

"Madam..." He began talking in my direction as I just rolled my eyes. "I see you're very interested in this car... Nice body work, lovely lines."

"Yeah, it's overpriced." I sighed.

"Some say you get what you pay for."

"And not always what you deserve." He smirked at my comment. Was he taking this seriously!

"Well-" Justin began as Dad picked up as glass of water and started flicking bits of water at him. "What are you doing?"

"It's rain. You're gunna get that as a salesman, carry on..."

"Perhaps you'd like to take her out for a test drive."

"Who under writes all your guarantees?" I smiled a little at my attempt to trip him up.

"Excuse me, no trick questions." Dad spoke.

"All our previous customers have been more than satisfied. Perhaps you'd like to read some of their feedback." Justin smiled back noticing he saved it.

"Oooh, positive customer feedback, very good." Mum giggled.

"Writing your own reviews. Why does that not surprise me?"

"You know what, words are cheep... nothing compares to real experience. How about I take you for a test drive and show you what all the fuss is about?"

"Very good." Mum and Abi clapped.

"He's defiantly a chip off the old Branning block, isn't he." Dad smiled.

"Yep. He's defiantly a Branning." I growled.

"You start tomorrow." Dad nodded, shaking his hand.

I just grabbed my dress from the sofa and wondered into the hall way.

"I hate to let a sale go." I heard him say as he rushed into the hall and grabbed my arm. "Oi, what's wrong with you?"

"What is your problem?" I asked.

"Well, your Dad just offered me a job?"

"You and Whitney."

"It was just a kiss, Lauren." Somehow he didn't understand why I was taking this so bad.

"Well, when are you going to tell Lucy about it then?" I asked running off upstairs.


"Whitney!" I called as I noticed her walk towards the pub.

"Yeah?" She smiled turning towards me.

"You got five minutes?"

"I'm gunna have a drink with Tyler, d'you wanna come? It's his birthday..."

"No. Not in there... somewhere private?" I asked. "It's about Justin."

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