Coach's daughter (louis tomlinson fanfic)


3. chapter3

I got home around 6 o'clock. I was walking upstairs to my room when sam came out of his. "Hi suzie." His little voice was so gentle. "Hey buddy." I smiled at him. "How was school?" I asked as he came out and hugged him."it was great. I learned a lot about tigers!"he was really excited. "That's great Sammy. Where's jaxx and Gregg?" He shrugged his little shoulders. "Hmm..are you hungry?" His looked at his stomach then back at me and nodded. I laughed. "Alright let's go and make some dinner." "Yay!race you!" He bolted down the stairs. I laughed again. "Hey,wait for me!"I followed after him laughing.

-1 hour later-

Dinner was ready,the table was set, and Sam and I were alone at the table. "Where's papa?" No one else seemed to be home except for us. "I'm not sure bud,last I saw him wa on the field at school. Maybe he's still there. But go ahead and start eating. I'll be right back." He nodded and started eating. I left the table and went into the living room pulling my phone out and was about to call jaxx when I heard keys jingle into the key hole of the front door. In came jaxx with lulu,his girlfriend. "Hey Suzie!" Lulu greeted me with a big bear hug.i laughed."hey lu. How have you been?" I wondered since we haven't spoken in such a long time. "I've been doing perfectly fine.thanks for asking."I smiled lightly. "Hey jaxx can I talk to you?in private?"lu backed out of the room and into the kitchen. I needed to tell jaxx about what cam did at lunch earlier. "What's up ladybug?" I smiled at the nickname he had given me when we were young. "It's about Cam..." He sat down on the couch while I stood next to him. "What about him? Is he in trouble?"I picked at my fingernails."he sorta yelled and grabbed my arm really hard and tightly in the canteen at lunch today. But I wasn't in any trouble at all. I was just sitting there with Emma and the boys.he ju-" he interrupted me "BOYS?what Boys??"he stood up and looked down at me. "Suz! You know that any boy is some real big trouble!"I felt a tear drop down. "I-im sorry." Jaxx was really mad. He's very loving and caring. But he's protective like cam. "No! I don't want to hear anymore of this nonsense! No more Suzie. None!" He stormed out of the room. I was completely in tears now.

I didn't eat that night. I was too upset. Jaxx and cam never listen. They just always assume that everything I talk is nonsense. They're more like fathers then brothers. I wish they'd give me a break. That night I locked myself in my room and cried. My dad,Sam,and Gregg knocked on my door. But I didn't want to talk to anyone. Tomorrow morning I am going to wake early to go to school without cam or dad.


I woke up extra early at 5. I checked my phone and I saw I had two texts from an unknown number. I opened them up, they read;

"Hey Suzie.its Lou."

"Sorry for texting so late. You're probably sleeping...whenever you see these.uhm. Text back? I guess..."

I laughed at the second message. Louis is funny. He is gorgeous too. When I felt his chest,it was fit. He's really good at football too. Maybe we can verse again and I'll let him win.just to be nice.i decided to text him back.

"Hey Lou. Yeah I was sleeping,sorry. I had a...harsh night last night:/..well you're probably still sleeping so...I'll see you at school.:) bye"

I was going to make the best of today so I decided for skinny jeans,a maroon halter top that shows my belly and is tight on me.with some black 2 inches heels. With a long flowy cardigan that's is black and white striped. I put on mascara and dark red lipstick to go with the hair was just straight down today.i liked my outfit. So I grabbed my belongings and headed out. Quietly so no one would wake up. I tiptoed down the stairs and out the door. The school was close enough to walk to so i had no problem.

As I walked through the willowcreek park I heard my phone ring. I looked at the caller and it was Louis. I smiled and swiped to answer. "Hey LouBear. Good morning."I greeted. "Good morning ms.quinn." I laughed. "Oh please Louis. Don't call me that." "Shut up! We're tryna sleep Lou!"I heard Harry yell from the back. "Im on the phone you moron!" Louis yelled back. I laughed "hey Lou. Put me on speaker." "Alright go." I took a deep breath and yelled "get up sleepy heads!its me suzie!look I'm walking to school right now,let's meet up and have breakfast all together. Yeah?" I heard the boys groan. "Hey suzie!breakfast sounds great!where are you now?"Niall asked." I'm walking through willowcreek park." I heard whispers. Then a big yell. "Is everything okay?" I stopped in my tracks. "Uhh..yeah! Lou just fell.he'll come and pick you up!see yah later bye! " I heard zayn answer then a loud I guess I was going to wait.i sat down on the bench and waited for Lou.


"get up sleepy heads! It's me suzie!look in walking to school right now,let's meet up and have breakfast together,yeah?" I shot up grabbing the phone from lou. "Hey suzie! Breakfast sounds great! Where are you now?" She said she was at willowcreek park. I covered the mic part on the phone and turned to the boys and whispered "this is Lou's chance boys." "C'mon or never." "Time to make love happen!" "It's obvious you have a thing for her." We all told Louis. "You guys are nuts! We just m-" liam and Harry covered his mouth and I threw the phone to zayn once suzie asked if everything was alright. He yelled into the phone "uhh..yeah!lou just fell.he'll come pick you up!see yah later bye!" Once the beep was heard Liam and Harry let go of Lou. "What the hell!why did you guys do that?!"he seemed upset. But we did what we had to do. "Louis. It's obvious. You like suzie. I mean when we saw you two on the field together. And she tricked you. You usually would have went for that goal and just won. But you stopped and turned back for her." Harry explained. "Yeah.and when she put her hand on your chest. You didn't look so tense. You looked like you were nervous." Zayn added. It was true too. He did look nervous. " also, when she pushed you down, you stayed down, you laid there like-like-" Louis interrupted Liam. "You guys are insane. I have no feelings or anything such for suzie. We just met and we're just becoming friends. " I laughed. "But you want more than that."the boys laughed. "It true Louis. After your breakup with Eleanor last year,you didn't act the same. Before suzie became our friend you've never looked so happy.arent you happy?" Harry asked walking up to Louis.lou nodded. "But it's too early to know if it's all real. Let's just leave it at that."

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