Coach's daughter (louis tomlinson fanfic)


2. chapter2

The first day of classes was finally over! Well,almost I wonder why my dad wants me to suit up for the boy's practice...

"Suzie!hey!" Em called for me. "Hey sorta rushing to the locker room right now. What's up?"I asked fast walking. "Do you want me to suit up with you just in case?" She laughed. "Em. We both know that's a crazy idea. You can't even kick a ball" we giggled.i unlocked my locker and pulled out my green jersey with the number 3 on it. And my shorts and other gears. I undressed then dressed and put my long brown hair up into a ponytail. "Em. Wait for me in the stands? Please?" She looked into my eyes. "Of course love." I smiled her and gave her a tight hug. "MOVE IT SUZIE!" My dad yells from outside the door. I grabbed the rest of my stuff an ran out.

The boys and my dad were huddled up on the side of the field. I ran up and went up to my dad. "Hi dad." Giving him a small kiss on the cheek. "Hello princess." I heard the boys murmur and whisper. "Who's the chick?" "Why is she here?" "Isn't she a girl." Since I heard them I decided to answer them. "Well If you must know. I am Suzan Quinn.a.k.a. Suzie. I'm here cause my father told me to be here,and yes, I am a female." I smiled sorta fake but real. I heard Niall and the other boys chuckle at my joke. "Alright boys. This here is my prize possession. My superstar,and my only princess." I mentally face palmed myself. "You guys are all going to go one-on-one with her." The boys laughed. "Seriously coach?!" I crossed my arms."alright that is enough. Now. Who is gonna go first?" I waited to see who was going to go. "I'll go." Smug looking guy named Leo stepped forward and said to me. "I'll go easy on the princess wouldn't want her to break a nail." Most of the boys snickered but Niall and them didn't. "You're on."

Leo gets ball first. He literally only gets two kicks in and I steal it from him, I heard boys on the sideline gasp and saw their shocked faces. I dribbled all the way down the field and made a goal. My dad clapped. "Great job princess! Who's next?"

I verse the next 6 guys and won within 45 secs. These guys didn't know what hit them. Next was Zayn. Zayn was pretty good he went over 45 secs. But only went up to 1 min. I still won though. The same thing happened with Niall and Harry. Liam was really great! He made it to 1 min and 57 secs! Nearly 2 mins. It was very close but I won. I was tired and sweaty so dad let me rest before I verse the last guy.

I sat separately from the boys and drank my water. Most of it was gone within 30 seconds. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and turned around.

"Oh. Hey Louis." I smiled. "Hey." He replied. "Y'know, you're amazing Suzie!".... "Uhm...I're- really good at football.." He scratched the back of his neck. I giggled at him. "Thanks Louis that means a lot. I work a lot to prove myself to boys. That I can do what they can do." He put his hand on my shoulder. "Suzie. Trust me. You don't need to prove yourself anymore." I glared a bit. "Cause you're up next and you want me to go easy on you!" I got a bit heated. He just sweet talked me to go easy on him! "What? No! Suzie..." I walked away from him. And to my dad. "I'm ready now." "Tomlinson! You're up!" I walked on the field ready and Louis followed. "Ready! Set! Go!" Me and Louis battled like a family fighting for the last piece of turkey on thanksgiving."c'mon Lou!!" The boys chanted. I stole the ball but then he stole it back. We were 2 minutes in. Then I had an idea.

When Louis had the ball I got in front of him and pretended to try and steal the ball but had a little "fumble" and fell to the ground holding my ankle. "Ouch!!ouch!!!" Louis heard me and left the ball and turned back to me he ran over and asked if I was alright. "It's my ankle" I think I sprained it. "Oh. Let me help you up." He grabbed my arm and wrapped it around him he lifted me up and I stood up. He smiled at me and I smiled back and before he started to walk I said "wait. Louis." I gently glided my hand down his chest then...BAM! I pushed him down. I kicked the ball and dribbled it down the field. And scored. Emma,dad, and Niall were cheering for me. Harry,Zayn and Liam ran to Louis.who was still laying on the field.


I stayed there laying on the field. What just happened. I think I just got tricked. Harry, Zayn,and Liam circled around and looked down at me. "Lou.what the hell happened?" Haz asked. "I don't know. Let's talk about it later mate." The three of them nodded and helped me up and we walked off the field and into the huddle.


The 4 finally joined us and dad spoke. "Okay. Now. You see boys. My daughter just beat all 12 of you guys." I laughed.louis looked at me. "Sorry" I mouthed. He looked away. " next practice, will be fun." Dad smiled and before they broke and went to the locker rooms I grabbed his pen and ran over to Louis before he could go in. "Hey Lou!" He stopped and turned around. "Hi Suzie" he looked at me. " sorry bout that I didn't mean anything too serious." He replied. "That was fine! You did great!" He smiled at me. I lightly smiled. I grabbed his hand and clicked the pen.

"Text me? Maybe we can hang out sometime? Y'know with Niall and Em and them." I smiled. "Definitely. I'll text you soon. " I turned and said "Alright,bye." I walked to the locker room. And got my stuff then went home.

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