Coach's daughter (louis tomlinson fanfic)


1. chapter 1


"EMMA!" I yelled once I saw my best friend forever for the first time after the summer. I started running towards her. Once she spotted me she started running towards me. "SUZIE!" I guess we were running too fast since we couldn't stop and bumped into each other and fell to the floor. She was laying on me. We both laughed. "I missed you so much Em." I stated. She looked at me as we rubbed our heads. "I missed you more Suzan." I rolled my eyes as she said my full first name. She chuckled. "Okay. Get off of me fatty!" I said an laughed while trying to push her up. She laughed and got up. She reached her hands down to help me. I grabbed them and I was up in a blink of an eye. We gave each other a big bear hug. "Ugh!!" We said at the same time as we squeezed the air out of each other. We pulled apart and looked at each other. We smiled. "So this is the start of grade 11." We smiled.

"How was California?" She asked me. "Y'know. A lot of cute guys." I winked at her. "Did you hook up with anyone?" She asked me quietly so no one around us could hear. "Em! No! I want my first time to be with a boy who will be my boyfriend and not a stranger that I only met once!" She giggled. I rolled my eyes. The first bell of our junior year rang and we said goodbye to go to class. "See you on the way to 2nd class!" I yelled while looking back waving to her on my way to Chemistry.

I got to class in a jiffy. I decided to sit in the 4th row on the window side. I didn't have a partner yet since no one had sat next to me yet. The second bell rang and the teacher came in. "Good morning cl-" the teacher was interrupted with a cute boy running in. Everyone laughed a lil at the sight of the boy. "So nice for you to join us. Mr?" The teacher crossed his arms and questioned the boy. "Oh. It's Mr.Styles." He put his hand out and the teacher shook it. "Okay. Mr.Styles. Go ahead and sit next to...that fine lady right there miss?" He pointed at me.I looked at him and answered "miss Quinn.Suzan Quinn." The teacher smiled and so did Styles.Styles walked over and sat next to me. He took his hand out and looked at me."I'm Harry." I took his hand and shook it. "Suzan.but call me Suzie." He smiled. "Suzie. It's nice." I smiled. I put on my glasses that I wear during class. "Alright class. Well. My name is Mr. Webstern.welcome to your first day of school." He smiled. I doodled in my notebook while listening to Mr.Webstern tell us about what is expected in this class. I noticed that Harry kept making glances at me. He even smiled. I didn't really mind and went back to my doodling. I created a girl holding hands with a boy. But the thing was that the boy had no face. It was blank. "BLIINNNGG!!" The bell rang and everyone rushed to their next classes. But being the cluts I am I dropped my books and my pencil pouch and made all my writing utilities spread all out on the floor. I bent down and started to pick it all up. I knew I was going to be late since my next class was all the way on the other side of the school. I kept shaking my head picking my stuff up and mumbling to myself saying "you're so stupid Suzie,so stupid." Students were coming in and my stuff was still on the floor. I continued but faster and then someone walked up to me. They bent down and helped me out. I looked up and realized it was just my older brother Camrin. I smiled at him. He was always looking out for me. Actually all my brothers were. They were my heroes when ever I'm in a whole load of trouble. "Suzan. You're always getting yourself into a fall aren't you?" We chuckled. "Yes but I have my amazing 4 brothers and my father to help me out." I respected that. I don't know what I would do without them all. They helped me with a tough time with an ex boyfriend,Danny.

What happened with Danny was a terrible experience. He actually nearly raped me when I was in a bad condition. My mother had died in a severe car accident just 5 months before he tried to rape me. I thought that he was different and not like the other guys. But clearly I was wrong. He managed to get my clothes off and half of his until my oldest brother Jaxx and Cam, showed up and pulled him away from me and gave him a beating. I just kept crying and not worrying about how I was naked infront of my brothers because they saved me. And I'm truly grateful for that. After that tragic day,I was a whole different person. I was scared. I wasn't eating properly,I had nightmares every single night,and I wasn't as talkative as I usually am. It effected me,my life,but mostly my family. But I knew from then on that I could count on my brothers. And they knew that they will make sure to protect me,and be there for me at anytime. My dad was in depression. We all were. But it hit my dad more than any of us. First mom,then me. He wasn't the same dad from before but I promised that I would take care of my brothers and my dad like our mom took care of us. I wouldn't let anything else happen. I was truly their mother figure after that. And I still am to Gregg and Sam since they are still young. Gregg is in 8th grade he's 12 years old and Sam is 7. One time when I was being the mother figure Sam called me mommy and everyone went silent. It broke my heart to hear that come from a 4 year old who had lost his real mom. But I knew when that happened that I will treat Sam as a true mother and I did. But he does know that I am really his big sister.

"Suzan! Hurry up and get to class!now!" Cam pulled me up and pushed me towards the door. "Oh! Thanks Cam! I kissed him on the cheek goodbye and ran to the other end of the school where my history class was. I made it just in time since I was a really fast runner since I am a football (soccer) player. I walked into class and sat down in an empty seat by the window. "Morning class! My name is mrs:foster.but just call me foster." I looked at her. She was pretty but still not hot. She's not likely in her mid 30's. My phone vibrated Indicating i had gotten a text. I unlocked my phone and read the text from Em.

Em:where the hell were you on the way to 2nd class?!

I replied quickly so i could get it over with.

Suzie:sorry I dropped my books and pencils everywhere so I had to pick it up the whole time but I made it to 2nd class just in time :).

Em: oh. Well I'll just see you at lunch then? :/

Suzie:for sure lovely.:) <3

With that I put my phone away and brought my notebook out. A paper was passed out to us that just told us the expectations and stuff like that. I was paying attention and doing something important to. I took this time to write a letter. For my mom. Here's the deal. Every year since my mom died my brother,our dad,and I write letters for her. "What's that you got there?" I heard an Irish accent from my right side. I looked over to see a cute,charming,and cheeky blonde boy.he was waiting for an answer. "'s actually really personal.." I closed my notebook and looked forward while covering the right side of my face with my long dark-brown straight hair. "Oh. I'm sorry to ask,love." He apologized. "It's totally fine." I replied. I looked at him. He was looking at me too. "I'm Niall.Niall Horan." He took his hand out infront of me. I looked at it. "You know you are suppose to shake it and tell me your name love." He laughed and so did I.i shook his hand and replied "I'm Suzan. Suzan Quinn.But you can just call me Suzie." He smiled. So did I. "I pulled my hand away. "Nice to meet you,Suzie." He stated. I smiled. "Ditto." He laughed. "So Miss Suzan." I laughed. "Would you like to join me and my pals at lunch today?" I thought about it for a minute. "I would love to. But. Only if my friend Emma can come along." I mention knowing Em and I were having lunch together. "Of course. The more the merrier." He smiled and I laughed. I nodded and continued with class. Well. Actually my letter.


So I finally finished chem,history,and math. God I hate math. But I gotta keep going. I met up with Emma at our lockers. She was so pretty. I don't know how she could be best friends with a girl like me. Okay. I have to admit. I'm the insecure girl. My life isn't "perfect," but I have to live with it. I mean. Yeah my family had money but I really don't want to spend it all on clothes and accessories. Even though I do have a cheat day once in a while with Emma. Haha. "Hey Em." I greeted her with a smile."hey Hun!" She says and pulls me into a hug. I laugh. "Ready for lunch?" She ask while locking her locker and putting the arrow pointed back to 0. I then remembered that I hadn't informed her that we would be having lunch with Niall. So I pretty much just simply said "we're having lunch with a new pal of mine. alright?" She said it was great and we were off to the canteen.

"Over here!" Niall yelled over to Em and I from the other side of the room. I laughed to myself and we walked over with our lunch trays. "Hey Niall." I greeted while standing next to the table. "Hello miss Suzie Q. These our my friends,and now yours." He pointed to each one saying their names. "Liam,Zayn,Harry,and Louis." I waved and said a simple hi there. Emma then nudged me on the side and coughed. "Oh yeah,this is my best friend,Emma." She smiled lightly. The boys all said heir greetings.

"Please sit." Liam said with a gesture towards the bench. "Thanks you." I sat down next to Louis and Emma sat next to me for more comfort.

"So Suzie, tell us about yourself." Harry said.i recognized him finally. He was from one of my classes!

"Well, uhm, I'm 17, my name is Suzan Quinn, I have 4 brothers,and-"

I was interrupted by Zayn.

"4 brothers?!? Woah.only girl?"

"Yes...and middle child.There's Jaxxon,Camrin,me,Gregg,and then Samuel."

"Wow! That's cool! It's like a brother sandwich!"everyone laughed at niall's silly comment.

We then continued eating, but then a question came up.

"What about your mum and dad?"

"Oh..uhm."Em grabbed my leg for some comfort.

"Well my dad is a football(soccer) coach."all the boy's eyes were on my mouth."We love your dad already." I laughed. "Uhh.why?" "Well we're football players!! Louis' is our captain!" Niall explained."who is he? What school?" Emma bursted out with laughter and I nudged her to stop but she wouldn't. "I'm sorry but,I can't believe you guys don't know already." The boys looked at each other confused. "Omg! Her dad is-" I cut her off. "My dad is your guys' coach...."

-after 13 mins of staring-

"Hello?" "Hello?" "Niall?harry?" "Liam?Zayn?" I turned to Louis. "Louis?" I poked his cheek. It was soft. I smiled a bit.

"Suzan!" I heard my name being called. "SUZAN!" I turned around and saw Cam. "Oh hey Cam. What's up?" He looked mad at me. He grabbed me by the arm and stood me up with force. The boys stood up as well. "Hey what do you think you're doing?" Zayn exclaimed. "Let go over her." Louis said grabbing my other arm. "CAMRIN!" Oh crap. My eyes widened. "Camrin let go of your sister right this instant!" Camrin loosened his grip more and softly let go. Behind him was "dad." "Coach." "Uncle Red" Camrin turned around and faced dad. "What's going on here Camrin?"cam looked at him in the eye. "I'm sorry dad but I saw Suzie with them and I just got a bit over protective." Dad had his hands on his waist."I'm fine cam! You didn't have to grab me like that!"I sat back down. "Suzie c'mon! You know why we-" "cam,stop,now I trust these boys, they're my team." Dad said looking at them."now boys, I want to see you 5 in my office after practice today alright?" They nodded. "Cam, I'll talk to you at home,and Suzie,I want you to meet me after school on the field for practice, suit up." I was shocked but I said okay.

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