Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


10. Hermione's POV

(It's been a month since I punched Ron)

It felt good to punch Ron I think he had it coming.Maybe it knocked some sense into him probably not though.Ginny is also glad I punched him she thinks he deserved it also.After Ron left the Hospital Wing I wouldn't even look at him I think it was getting to his head.It looked like he was about to come over and say something but then changed his mind.He gave me a scowl and ran off to who knows where probably some girl he's been snogging.Like I care.(It's know been 4 months since I got pregnant)We had told Dumbledore and he gave us a little separate table to sit at so that that many people wouldn't bother us.We have also told a my parents,Draco's parents who actually took it pretty good,Ginny,Luna and some more of our friends and professors.And they have been giving us gifts for the twins.So far we have a few outfits for each two cribs,some formula and some enchanted bottles from Draco's parents.(They were enchanted so that you never got empty)So we were still trying to pick out names.We still hadn't decided on any names yet and I was starving to we went to the kitchen and I ate crepe with an apple blueberry filling and lots of powdered sugar on top even though it was after 1:00.And Draco ate a turkey sandwich we had tea to drink.And after we where done we thanked the house elfs and left then we went to the shared room Dumbledore gave us an took a nap.(Later that day)I had an appointment with Madam Pomfrey so after Draco and I woke up from our nap went started to head to the Hospital Wing and Madam Ponfrey said everything seemed to be going good with the pregnancy .So after we left it was time for dinner so we went and ate and then we went to our room and went to sleep.The next day we went to class but I couldn't go to potions because of the fumes.So after a LONG day of school I finally went to find Draco and then remembered he had a extra class because I couldn't go to potions so I had some extra time.So I just cleaned up our room.And then I went to find Draco potions was his last class of the day so I started heading towards the Dungeons.And I walked into someone and fell and then Draco said"Oh Merlin 'Mione I'm so sorry!"Then Draco started to help me up then I said"It's okay I should of been paying attention"Draco started to go to the room while I went to take a bath.

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