Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


8. Hermione's POV

As I was leaving the Hospital Wing I saw Draco.I walked up to him and said"Hi" and he said hi back and I kissed him.I don't know if I should tell him or not.But we both needed to take a bath so I thought he had left and went in and I saw his shape and I chose to get in with him but I was staying a nice little distance.But the water was so warm that I started to fall asleep but I managed to stay awake but when I opened my eyes he was right beside me with his arm around me and he was "asleep".And I slipped him a kiss only to find out he was still awake and his arms where around my hips and my hands where combing through his hair.But when we came up for air I went to get dressed and so did he.I went outside of the bathroom and found that Draco was already dressed and was waiting for me.

*Authors note*Sorry if this is short:3

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