Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


12. Hermione POV

"Save it you foul git Weasley"Everyone looked surprised when he stormed off and released I had spoken.I said"What he that wasn't anything compared to what he should gotten."

3 months later

I'm supposed to have the baby any day we already had a baby shower and I got a lot of things for babies(Mainly magical)And I haven't had any problems with Ron since that night thank Merlin.People are still ignoring him.Flash back--------------------I was waiting for Draco and all of a sudden Ron walks out of the shadows and starts talking to me"Leave me alone Ronald""No I don't see why you want him and not me"And he grabbed me and kissed me and wouldn't let go no mater what and he was LITERALLY shoving his tongue down my throat.And thank Merlin Draco saved me.End of FlashBack-----It was 8 and I had to use the bathroom and when I was coming back my water broke I yelled"Draco"He came running and helped me to the Hospital Wing and stayed with me with curtains drawn the girl came at 2:35 and the boy came at 2:30 they were both okay.The girls name was Rose and the boys name was Scorpious.Scorp looked like his dad and Rose looked like his mom with her dad's eyes.Draco held Scorpious and I held Rose.They seemed instantly calm.After we left the Hospital Wing and went to let Ginny and Harry see them Draco said"Hermione Jean Granger will you marry me?"He had kneeled down on a knee and was holding a box with a ring in it I said"Yes"And was like😂Ginny was going hysterical over te wedding and owled her mom.

The End

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