Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


3. Happy?

Eventually Harry got over it but Ron still haven't .But I wasn't worried it had been a month since they found out.And me and Draco had a strong bond and some times at night I would sneak into his dorm and visit him at night.We are partners in potions now.And Snape has started treating me better now.After class we went to lunch and we sat by each other.We then went to the field and Draco was trying to teach me how to ride a broom and he was riding on the broom behind me holding onto me I was smiling and I landed the broom and passionately kissed him.I warped me arms around his neck and he had his arms wrapped around my waist.We finally came back up for air to see kids starring at us.We started laughing and ran to the castle.We had to go to class so I gave him a goodbye kiss.

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