Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


5. Draco's POV

(1 month later)Hermione and I went to the Room of Requirement and we practiced spells.And then we fell asleep on a couch that appeared with my arm around her and her head on my chest.Her cheeks turned bright red when she woke up and I kissed.She went to the Prefects bathroom and took a bath and I thought she had left I went in to take a bath and she was walking around the corner in a muggle bathrobe and I quickly said "I'm sorry"And turned away I already had my shirt off.My face was as bright red as it could get.She said "it's okay let me go get dressed" and ran into a stall.I started my bath.And Hermione came out and gave me a kiss and we fell into the bath.And she got mad because she had put on dry clothes.We then burst out laughing and playing around we were swimming under water.But then I stopped and shooed her away so I could take my bath.After I took my bath and got dressed I went to find Hermione only to find out she had been waiting for me.Then since it was Christmas we each got each other a gift.She got me a stack of candy and a knitted scarf with H.G. in it.I got her a supply of butter beer and a dress that is enchanted to look like whatever you think of it looking like.We loved our gifts and kissed.She changed into her dress and it was a red dress that had white fluff around the shoulders and the bottom of the dress.She also had some matching lipstick on.It looked good on her.

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