Is this love?

Hermione is in HoneyDukes and Draco walks in and her heart skips a beat
From the POV of hermione and POV of Draco


2. Busted

(A week later)We were at the lake and we just enjoyed a meal of pumpkin juice,stuffed goose and chocolate for dessert.And we were about to kiss just as I heard a shrill scream"HERMIONE"And I knew Harry and Ron had caught us.They were furious.They stunned Draco and carried me to the common room.They wouldn't let me leave until I explained myself.So I told them about the note and that I really liked him.And Ron said"Hermione he calls you a mud blood"I said he's changed.They Finally let me leave but not until Ginny came and helped me distract them for me to sneak out.I ran to the Hospital wing to see Draco.I ran up to him and hugged him and kissed him. I said Draco I'm so glad you're okay.He said the same thing to me at the same time.He got out of the Hospital wing the next day.And I could tell Ron was starring daggers at Draco.

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